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‘Stash’ Writer Says Film Has ‘A Little Bit of Everything’ for Horror Enthusiasts This Halloween

Get the inside scoop from Writer Tim Clark on how he wrote “Stash” and his feelings about the upcoming horror extravaganza Devil’s Five: http://www.business2community.com/entertainment/stash-writer-says-film-little-bit-everything-horror-enthusiasts-halloween-season-01921601#AUzo1gLTyJM6x0Qk.97

Linda Collins cast as “Mrs. Burns” in GRUESOME THREESOME



Busy filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is happy to announce that he has cast actress Linda Collins to play ‘Mrs. Burns” for the upcoming horror thriller Gruesome Threesome.

Wickham fills in the details, “I wanted to cast an actress that matched the character Writer Tim Clark created and Linda was exactly that.  What I loved about her audition was how she took the time and made the effort to prepare herself not only with her lines, but to appear exactly like the description I put in my casting notes.

That was super smart of her and I totally appreciated the commitment she made.  I figure if she’s going to come in totally ready to look and speak the part to a “T”, what more could I possibly want than that.  I can’t wait to work with her.”



Linda Collins is a NYC based actress working in television and film.  Linda has appeared frequently in leading roles in television shows such as TRUE CRIME WITH APHRODITE JONES, UNRAVELLED,  STALKED, MONSTERS INSIDE ME ,  and others.   She recently was cast in a starring role in the indie film MARY JANES TRIBULATIONS ,  which is currently in post production, as well as a pilot production of We Be Nurses, in post production.  In addition to her acting career, Ms. Collins is also active as a musician and has  performed  on several recordings in Nashville, TN including Matchbox 20, Jo Dee Messina,  Amy Grant and for the CMT Award television show with Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow.  She has performed as a musician in several musical productions including Broadway’s Mary Poppins;   and Phantom of the Opera,  Showboat,  and  Evita.  Linda is passionate about  the performing arts and is always looking for the next creative opportunity.  Her life philosophy is  “PEOPLE FIRST. Everything else will follow. “

Please visit Linda’s website and her page on IMDB:


Gruesome Threesome unearthed

A meeting with James Balsamo has resulted in a new film for Terry R. Wickham and  an opportunity to resurrect some of his older films


A recent visit Director Terry R. Wickham had with his filmmakng friend James Balsamo has resulted in a new film to be called Gruesome Threesome.  Wickham elaborates, “I showed James a bunch of my films; “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett“, “Stalk“, Washington Road, Help Me, “Hair of The Dog” and an early preview of the not quite finished “The Devil’s Five” segment.

"Johnny Garrett" (Steve Rodriguez) senses he's not alone in the segment "The Downfall of Johnny Garrett" in the feature film Evil Streets Terry Directed for Writer/Producer Michael Knight.
“Johnny Garrett” (Steve Rodriguez) senses he’s not alone in the segment “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett” Terry Directed for Writer/Producer Michael Knight.

James totally enjoyed each of  my films and innocently asked what I was doing now with the older films.  He was passionate about seeing them get out there in the world because he was certain there is an audience for them.  He even told me the best avenue to make them available for people to stream or download the film.

"Misty" (SaRenna Lee) rules the stage @ Goldfingers during "Stalk"
“Misty” (SaRenna Lee) rules the stage @ Goldfingers during “Stalk”

His suggestions kicked me in the butt to do something about it.  So I called Hair of the Dog Writer/Producer Tim Clark to propose the idea of putting “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett”, “Stalk” and “Hair of the Dog” together as one feature film.

You don’t want to cross paths with “Bloody Mary” in Hair of the Dog


Tim was totally down for teaming up and writing the script for a new wraparound to house those segments and make it work as one Feature Film we are calling Gruesome Threesome.

Writer/Producer Tim Clark was not afraid on hamming it up in “Hair of the Dog” playing the dead body of Agent Rannacher


What I loved is Tim jumped on it right away writing the 7-page wraparound script in less than 24-hours and I am thrilled what he came up with.  It’s simple, funny and totally has Tim’s unique witty spin on such a tale.

I likewise will not waste any time,  as auditions will be held for the three characters needed within two weeks and I want to shoot it after the holidays in early January.  Then we will get in on the platform where anyone can rent or download the movie.

Thank you James.”