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Thomas Bevan to play “Dan Johnson” in Double Vision

Filmmaker Terry Wickham is pleased to announce he has cast New York actor Thomas Bevan to play the role of “Dan Johnson” in his approaching passionate suspenseful thriller Double Vision.

Wickham says, “Thomas was easily the best actor I saw for the role and he was actually the first actor to audition for his part. I mentioned this to him and he said he wanted to set the bar so high, that no one could beat him. He followed through by doing exactly that.
What made him stand out against all others was his ability to communicate the character’s dialogue in a way where I was absolutely convinced he was thinking of what he was saying.  He was also immediately likable, which is something I want to audience to feel as soon as they see him on the screen.
He gave his scenes dimensional texture, which made his performance shine brighter than everyone else.  Thomas brought something different to the table by capturing multi-emotional shades by his vocal tone and intention, which really worked for me.
Thomas has a look that really mixes well with both Jonathan Weirich who is playing his good friend “Wes McCulloch” and Dolly Fox who is playing “Julie Goodwin.  I’m really looking forward to working with him.”
Thomas Bevan BIO:
I think he’s going to be really impress people in this movie.”
Thomas Bevan is a New York based actor. He has worked extensively in theatre both in the United States and abroad. Thomas can be seen in the short films “A Familiar Suspect” and “Coprophobia.” He was also featured opposite Anna Kendrick in the film adaptation of The Last 5 Years.
Instagram: @TGBevan