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The Devil’s Five segment is completed!

On Saturday July 1st 2017, ““The Devil’s Five”” (TDF) segment reached completion.  TDF is the first of five segments that make up the feature film Devil’s Five to be finished.

Writer-Director Terry R. Wickham directs “The Devil’s Five” on the airport runway in Calverton, New York

This is probably only fitting since “The Devil’s Five” (aka The Wraparound) is the crucial segment that sets up the entire feature film’s premise and threads five distinct episodes together.  Written and Directed by Terry R. Wickham, “The Devil’s Five” delivers action-packed horror that would best be described as a cross between The Terminator and Exorcist.

Actor Ralf Scheepers is nothing short of a powerhouse as “Ansell Schneider” in “The Devil’s Five”

Wickham says, “Since we are working on a limited budget that’s way below what we truly needed, it necessitated being patient and let all the good folks working on the movie do what needed to be done.  This meant that they could work on the film, whenever their schedules would allow them to do the work.

Special Effects Make-Up Artist Church Haley and Assistant Special Make-Up Effects Artist Beatrice Sniper prepare a nasty morsel for “The Devil’s Five”

But I’ve got to be honest.  As painful as it was waiting, I believe it actually benefits the movie because we had lots of time to make changes and adjustments to make the film the best it could be.

Editor Kris Ramsey

I feel a huge debt of gratitude to Editor Kris Ramsey for putting TDF together.  Kris spent countless hours cutting, adjusting, color-correcting, creating visual effects, add-subtitles and even adding audio effects after the sound designer finished.  He is absolutely a partner in helping tell our story and he did some cool creative editorial things totally on his own that immensely add to the cinematic experience.  Kris is insanely skilled, intelligent editor with a superb understanding of editing.

Kris also created the entire Devil’s Five End Credits (which he actually finished a week before), which was no small feat when considering all the credits needed for the five movies that each had their own individual music, character fonts, photos and stylistic layouts.  This was challenging to say the least and Kris nailed it.

Stunt Coordinator Matt Solazzo shows Diana Noris how to rip out “Captain Friedkin’s” (David Denowitz) throat

As far as ““The Devil’s Five””, including all cast & crew, 60 People worked on TDF, which is a massive accomplishment for such an ambitious 22-minute low-budget film like ours.”

The Devil’s Five segment (a.k.a “The Wraparound) Nears Completion

The Devil’s Five (wraparound) segment for the upcoming feature film Devil’s Five is just about complete. Writer/Director Terry R. Wickham says, “I gotta say I’m really proud of the exceptional work Editor Kris Ramsey and Sound Designer Juan Pablo Moreu have added. They have both really contributed to the serious suspenseful mood of the film and I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done. Not much longer now.”