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Stash Inserts shot in Brooklyn, NY

Left to right Director Terry R. Wickham, Editor/DP Jason Paluck, Actress Almog Pail and Make-Up Artist Sarah Michelle Bedrick in Brooklyn, NY 7/2/16


On Saturday July 2nd, 2016 two Inserts were shot for the movie STASH.  The  shoot went very well in Brooklyn, New York.



Thanks to Almog Pail for such a comfortable location. Big time thanks for the wonderful meal her Fiance Arnon made for us. Delicious!



Great work from Stash Editor Jason Paluck for being the DP on this day and to Sarah Michellee Bedrick for making not only Almog look great, but matching the continuity that the character “Faith Daniels” was in during the terrifying climax of the movie filmed almost 2 years earlier.