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Terry takes over as Director on Political Thriller film Enhanced Interrogation

Terry R. Wickham on the set of The Devil’s Five

On Friday afternoon the news broke that Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham has agreed to direct Enhanced Interrogation.

After reading the supercharged screenplay and having a productive 2-hour conference call with Screenwriter/Producer Daryl Brooks and Screenwriter/Producer Stephen Martino, the feeling was mutual about working together.

Wickham talks about the next film he will be directing, “I have to be honest.  After seeing the title of the project, I had a preconceived notion that the story was going to be focused on the violence and maybe even torture of advanced interrogation methods.  But that was not the case.

Writers Daryl Brooks and Stephen Martino  have constructed a controversial story that is incredibly topical in our modern day society. It asks the potent question of “What if” our country was put in a pressure-cooker situation of the moral dilemma this story offers.

How far would one go to save innocent lives, if a catastrophic event was in the works?  What would high-ranking governmental officials choose to do to protect their people?

The fact is there is no moral compass to guide them in their decisions.  So they are forced to break new ground and based on our worldwide climate, I believe an audience can imagine the scenerio.

The script is a lot more thoughtful and subverted than I assumed and I love the opportunity to put these characters into the frying pan of sorts, to create as much drama and suspense as possible.

Like the incredibly successful shows The Walking Dead and Homeland, this story is all about the people.

I’m also attracted to shooting the whole film in Trenton, New Jersey.  Not only is it the capital of the State of New Jersey, but at one time was the capital of the United States of America.  The fact is geographically it’s not disimiliar to Washington DC and could sub with the right camera angles and use of its architecture.

Plus this project will give me the chance to explore another genre. I undoubtedly look forward to the challenge of making the movie even more cinematically powerful with my skills as a filmmaker.

The best analogy I’d give for Enhanced Interrogation would be a cross between Homeland and 12 Angry Men.