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Zachary Atlas chosen to create “Stash” documentary


Zachary Atlas chosen to create “Stash” documentary

I’m happy to announce the I’ve found a talented, young filmmaker named Zachary Atlas to document the making of “Stash.”  My friend Frank Fuina referred him to me.  After speaking to Zach, it became obvious he was the guy to shoot and edit together a making of piece that will be a special feature on the release of our movie.  I’ll let Zach tell you more.

My name is Zachary Atlas, I’m just your average ordinary guy who grew up on Long Island with a passion for filmmaking. I’ve had a passion for filmmaking ever since I was 7 where I discovered the eligibility to capture real life events in real time with the help of a camera. In high school, I had the lucky opportunity to enroll in a college level film course, where I received hands on technical and physical training with highly advanced equipment. Most importantly, we were taught all the skills and assets needed to survive out in the field. As a young filmmaker in college, I plan to take my strengths as a director/cinematographer/editor and take them with me everywhere I go in hope for a career out in the professional world of filmmaking.

Michelle Rickert Production Designer for “Stash”



Michelle Rickert is a production designer operating out of New York.  Her experiences working in the art department on student and independent films, music videos, teaser trailers and so on have given her a versatile approach to the profession.  Michelle is a graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Art’s Film and Television Program.  Her time there left her with a deep passion for and understanding of the medium and a particular dedication to genre film. Terry says, “I had Smallbook Chang set to handle the job but she had a conflict come up and told me to find someone else.  I’m real excited to work with Michelle because she is passionate about her craft and she loves the horror genre.  With shooting nearing quickly, I feel lucky to have her join our crew.”