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Shy Licenses “Only the Night” & “Breathe” for Double Vision

Film Director Terry R. Wickham is honored to announce that he has licensed two songs “Only the Night” & “Breathe” from the British HardRock/Metal band Shy.

Wickham says , “I have been listening to Shy since the mid-80s and I feel a kinship to the band’s amazing late guitarist Steve Harris.

I have always admired his skill on the instrument, but after speaking with his wife Deb Harris, I learned Steve loved horror movies and we were born the same year.

I wrote Double Vision as a love story. So  I needed songs that would capture a very romantic, passionate feel, especially because  it  involves two people with a romantic history that had not seen each other for a decade. Plus these characters were not sure what each other thinks now.

So I wanted songs that could support that kind of doubt and mystery, yet  create some sort of a unsaid echo that seemed to say they still wanted to be together.

Shy’s music is always reminded me of Journey with a little heavier metallic touch. I have absolutely no doubt their songs would be perfect for this movie.

I set my sights on their self-titled album Shy that came out in 2011, which was the last album the band released before Steve Harris passed away early in October of 2011. Since I reviewed that album as a journalist, I knew there were multiple songs I could choose from that would really support Double Vision.

With the help of the late Steve Harris’ wife Deb Harris, bassist Roy Davis and vocalist Lee Small, I was able to get approval to use the songs “Only the Night” and “Breathe.

I look at this whole positive situation as Shy’s songs are not only helping enrich the loving atmosphere of my movie, but it gives me a chance to keep Shy’s music alive and in the process honor the musical Legacy Steve Harris left behind.”