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Chanise Renae wins Co-Lead role of “Sarah Peters” in Gruesome Threesome

The Devil’s Five actress Chanise Renae has edged out all other actresses to play “Sarah Peters” in the upcoming horror-thriller Gruesome Threesome.

Director Terry R. Wickham gives his explanation for casting her, “Out of the three roles for this movie, this one was the closest competition.  One girl totally looked the part as it was written (Caucasian with auburn hair and curvy body) while Chanise was obviously a different race, but more sophisticated and polished as an actress.

It was my idea to actually call Chanise to have her audition when I wasn’t satisfied with the flaky turnout for the part.  Out of  nearly 150 actresses who had submitted, I narrowed down to the top 15 actresses based on their resumes, reels and photos.  But when it came time for the two days of auditions, only 4 out of those 15 showed up on Skype.  This was not only frustrating for me to waste my time with people who were not serious, but sad move on their part.  I say that because they effectively erased themselves from being considered for any project I do going forward and I’m a busy filmmaker (I’m working on 6 movies at this very moment).  All actors should take this as a warning.

Chanise Renae (right) crouches in terror at what she sees in The Devil’s Five. Photo Incendium Creations

The fact is I had worked with Chanise on The Devil’s Five.  I knew first hand that she had the confidence and strength to be flirtatious in a sexy way, she can could turn on a dime and be funny, dramatic and terrified as well. So when I called her, she expressed that she’d love to dig into this kind of role.

Then she proved it in her audition.  There’s a moment early in the first scene that Tim Clark wrote that I call the “Wow” moment and she definitely got that reaction out of me when we did the scene. She put a lot of thought into how she spoke, riding the emotional roller-coaster of the character , then did her make-up spot on and dressed to kill.

Though the other actress did quite a good job as well and looked quite impressive as well.  In the end, I felt Chanise was the better actress and that’s why I cast her.”

Chanise Renae most recently starred as Captain Synthia Ryan in the trailer for the new pilot “Absynthia”, filming in 2017.  In addition to multiple film, television and commercial credits she has performed at the Producers Club and Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Chanise can be heard singing throughout the tri-state area for professional sports teams and charity events. She studies acting at HB Studio in NYC. For more information on Chanise Renae please check her out at:

https://www.facebook.com/ ChaniseRenae/