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The Devil’s Five Photo Gallery #3

Please enjoy this photo gallery in celebration of final post production phase of The Devil’s Five segment for the upcoming horror-thriller DEVIL’S FIVE.

Writer/Director Terry R. Wickham and Editor Kris Ramsey are putting something together a little something special for the End Credits that everyone should enjoy.

Terry R. Wickham (center) directs actor Ed Gorman (Ambulance Driver) during the shoot for The Devil’s Five segment, while actress Diana Noris (Vala Schneider) stands near at the old Grumman airport runway Calverton, NY


Director of Photography Edwin M. Figueroa prepares to film a Interrogation Room Scene. Kevin Cusick (Detective Armitage) applies eye drops, while Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly stands ready with boom mic and Ralf Scheepers (Ansell Schneider) sits patiently.


Make-Up Artist Sarah Cruz prepares Vanessa Michelle Charles (Corporal Hamilton) for Police Front Desk scene in The Devil’s Five.


Candy Nairovy (Officer Pope) is armed for good reason in The Devil’s Five


Action is the name of the game in The Devil’s Five. DP Edwin Figueroa talks to David Denowitz (Captain Friedkin), while Director Terry Wickham goes over the scene scene with his Devil’s Five Partner George Brianka who plays Mister Jingles in the segment.  Make-Up Artist Sarah Cruz listens in distance. At the same time Stunt Coordinator Matt Solazzo prepares actress Diana Noris (Vala Schneider) who’s barely on screen on far right. Actress Sarah Haruko (Detective Hannigan) standing back to us center, takes it all in.


Actress Diana Noris and Sound Recordist Pat Reilly chill between setups on the airport runway in Calverton.


1st AC John Galeano prepares one of the RED cameras during the shooting of TDF at Riverhead Town Hall basement.


Terry Wickham directs Ed Gorman (Ambulance Driver), while Lauren Dougherty (Nurse Davenport) and Richard Kern (Dr. Goode) listen in Calverton, NY.


Special Make-Up Effects Artist Church Haley airbrushes Diana Noris to play Vala Schneider in TDF.


Production Designer Michelle Rickert middle in distance prepares the bloodbath inside the ambulance. Key Grip Michael Goguey (bottom left) and Special Make-Up Effects Artist Church Haley (bottom right) do their part to fill the medical transport vehicle with carnage.


DP Edwin Figueroa films Ralf Scheepers (Ansell Schneider) while AC John Galeano and AC Guillermo Cameo stand ready to assist in Riverhead, NY
On September 27, 2015 the Harvest Moon shone bright over the The Devil’s Five shoot in Calverton, New York.
Producer/actor Richard Kern, Jesse Ray Sheps (Devin), Nadie Lahaie (Babs), Lawrence Levy (Beat-up Business Man) and Michael Pope (Cloaked Figure) seem to be enjoying the TDF shoot in Riverhead, NY.


Writer/Director Terry R. Wickham was real happy to be work again with his Devil’s Five Partner/TDF DP Edwin M. Figueroa on the airport runway set in Calverton, NY.

Rex Carroll “Re-Animate” song licensed for The Devil’s Five


Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham has reached an agreement with Whitecross/King James/Fierce Heart Guitarist Rex Carroll to license his song “Re-Animate” for The Devil’s Five segment.

Wickham describes, “I first heard Rex Carroll’s incredible playing when I bought the Fierce Heart cassette back in the mid-80s.  I remember when I was stationed in the US Army in Kaiserslautern, West Germany, I had a barracks buddy who played guitar named  Nye Jones.  We would tape trade (like most heavy metals fans back in the day), so gave him a stack of cassettes to listen to for a week or two.  When saw him the next time I asked him which one did he like the best and he said Fierce Heart because the guitarist blew him away.  This is around the time I first started making movies as a filmmaker.  I couldn’t imagine at that time that one day I’d work with Rex.

I know a lot of people might know of Rex from his playing in Whitecross.  That’s cool, but besides Fierce Heart, I am a huge fan of of his playing in King James because that is a serious heavy rocking metal band.

When we started post-production on The Devil’s Five I decided that I wanted a guitar instrumental song to be coming from the white BMW that the main character “Ansell Schneider” (played by Ralf Scheepers) is driving.  I wanted this for multiple reasons.  One I thought it would be a bit of a tip of the hat to honor star Ralf Scheepers real life Heavy Metal heritage.  More important I thought that type of song would add to the organized chaos I was trying to create for the opening scene of the movie.


Being a lifelong fan of exceptional guitar playing, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with getting something from just an ordinary guitar player.
So I reached for the stars by contacting Rex and when he said he was interested, I was ecstatic.

I feel really blessed and honored that we could work out an agreement to use his killer song “Re-Animate.  I’m having Sound Designer Juan Pablo Moreu line up the song, so it strikes a hit-point at the climax of the scene.  I also think this will the beginning of a working relationship with Rex.”


Primal Fear – Delivering The Black


Primal Fear – Delivering The Black

Frontiers Records – 2014

It’s really cool when a band hits their full stride and makes an album that ignites all cylinders.  Such is the case with Primal Fear’s tenth album Delivering The Black.

Make no mistake; Primal Fear has made some strong albums before now, it’s just that everything comes together this time for a true metal classic.

For my money, Primal Fear is the equivalent of today’s Judas Priest.  Ralf Scheepers leads the band with his multi-dimensional voice, which is on full display on every track.  His voice is certainly what separates this band from all others vying for their standing in the metal world.

Guitarists Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt come out firing like Glenn Tipton & K.K. Downing in “King For A Day.”  What’s so important about their six-string contribution is how heavy their riffs are and that they help support every song’s melody.

Randy Black pounds a furious drum pace in “Rebel Faction” that bassist Mat Sinner & the two guitarists enthusiastically keep up with.  Scheepers is in Rob Halford-mode singing out with powerful long high vocal bursts.  This tune impacts like an on-coming NHRA Nitro funny car at full throttle.

The subdued distortion-less guitar intro to “When Death Comes Knocking” is not only incredibly moody, but sets up this epic track as one of the band’s best.  The instrumental tone and brilliant audio sound is masterfully captured by the three-pronged production team; Producer Mat Sinner, Engineer Achim “Akeem” Köhler and Mixer Jacob Hansen.  I really like how the slowdown section with sitar & exotic percussion contrasts with the massive power licks.

It’s almost impossible not to fall into the groove of “Alive and On Fire.”  There are so many moments that this tune made me think of Judas Priest.  Scheepers delivers power, grit and harmony with equal measure.  The way Beyrodt and Karlsson trade off during the lead parts is remarkable similar to Tipton & Downing.

The title track “Delivering The Black” steamrolls with gigantic inexorable metallic force that will crush everything in its way.  Super-charged guitars pulverize a soundscape that’s heightened by Black’s thunderous drums and Sinner’s huge bottom sound.  The lyrics and the way Scheepers sings make this song instantly a heavy metal monster of a tune.

Black bashes out the steps to take during the “Ride To Asylum.”  The guitars and bass help transport you as if they are part of a heavy metal vehicle.  Ralf Scheepers is the conductor, narrating the journey to the institution offering protection and safety from insanity & dementia.

“One Night In December” has the band incorporating a large orchestral arrangement that features stellar sound design.  The complex instrumentation is beautifully constructed to go along with Primal Fear’s hard hitting approach.  The 10-minute large scale composition confirms these guys high-level of musicality.  I wish I knew exactly what inspired the intriguing lyrics because the story is emotionally moving.

“Never Pray For Justice” is a catchy heavy metal anthem.  The chorus and vocals are skillfully done.

Primal Fear shows a new side with the acoustic guitar driven “Born With A Broken Heart.”  Liv Kristine (LEAVES’ EYES) joins on vocals to give the song tenderness not usually associated with Primal Fear’s arsenal.

The galloping drum-beat in “Inseminoid” is distinctly of European flavor.  This track has Ralf Scheepers at his routinely best, as he sings out the title chorus with astounding range and vocal mastery.

This album in so many ways reminds me of Judas Priest’s high-water mark album Screaming For Vengeance.  It rocks super hard with fast energetic tunes that blaze through your stereo faster than you’d like.  But like that great Priest album, there are tender moments, atmospheric touches and musical performances on the highest level.

I would absolutely not hesitate to go get this album and join a metal celebration that will be ongoing for many years to come.