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The Devil’s Five Actor John Merolla cast as “Officer Faustino” in Double Vision

The Devil’s Five (aka The Wraparound)” actor John Merolla has been cast as “Officer Faustino” in the upcoming thriller-horror TV Segment Double Vision.

Writer/Producer/Director Terry R. Wickham says, “It really was a no-brainer to cast John in the role as “Officer Faustino” in the Double Vision since I’d already worked with him on “The Devil’s Five (aka The Wraparound).

Actor John Merolla on the set of “The Devil’s Five (aka The Wraparound)” with (left to right) David Denowitz, Sarah Haruko, David Francis Calderazzo

He actually played the a police officer in that film, so I’ve already seen him play this type of character.  Plus the fact is John was a cop in real life and has played these type of parts numerous times.

He brings instant credibility and I completely trust him.  This all made it very easy to just slide him into this role.  I actually never considered anyone else for this character because of this.”