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Double Vision Script Finished


Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham finished writing  the screenplay for Double Vision a few weeks back.

Wickham talks about where the suspenseful love story currently stands, “I’ve sent the script out to a couple potential lead actresses.  In truth, there are two different model/actresses I had in mind for the lead role because of their specific look.  I actually wrote the part of “Julie Goodwin” for either one of them to star in this upcoming film.  I am trying to work out an agreement with one of them, who lives in Europe to do the movie.

Besides my leading lady, there are three other crucial roles I will have to cast.  These other characters have impact and do carry dramatic weight in Double Vision. Two are male parts and another female role.

What I like most about the story besides the tender love story, is that I designed this for adults.  I don’t mean that in a sexual way, though things do get a bit steamy, but specifically the maturity level of the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

I’m aiming for something deeper, more richly layered and in truth, that exceeds the limitations of genre conventions.   The movie that is my driving inspirational force is Michael Mann’s Heat and Double Vision isn’t even the same type of film.”

The Devil’s Five” Music Composer Houssem Turki has agreed to score the film.  After reading the script, Houssem actually suggested a great idea for the storyline that I feel heightens the picture and I’m working on incorporating in the screenplay now.  The soundtrack I referenced Houssem to use as inspiration is Marco Beltrami’s rich & varied score for the late Wes Craven’s Scream.”

Drone Pilot Nicholas Prainito has agreed to do some aerial photography for the movie Wickham has dreamed up in his stylish vision for the film. The Writer-Producer-Director says, “I  shared my vision of some aerial shots for Double Vision and Nicholas is definitely down for the job. He is excited about being part of this thrilling production that will enable him to show off his skills.”

Keep checking back as Wickham puts together the cast and crew.  The filmmaker is aiming for to shoot the movie in the late spring/early summer of 2018.