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Mantaray Pictures LLC is looking for a cool looking Muscle Car (old school late 60s or 70s car that’s not dark or black is preference) for a love-story suspense-thriller called Double Vision to be shot on Long Island in May or June.

If you’ve got a souped up/bad-to-the-bone machine your car become one of the iconic characters in this film. Think of the Hemi Cuda in Phantasm series or 1967 Mustang Fastback in Gone in 60 Seconds.

Double Vision is a passionate account where two characters “Julie Goodwin” (to be played by European Model Dolly Fox) and “Wes McCulloch”, who used to be couple, are reconnecting after a decade has passed being apart. As the reunited couple moves towards sealing their relationship together forever at their old Lover’s Lane spot, their mutual bliss is rudely interrupted by a terrifying force determined to stop them from it ever happening.

The car in the movie will be “Wes McCulloch’s” car (this character named after the late legendary horror filmmaker Wes Craven and Drag Racing legend Ed “The Ace” McCulloch).

The car would be needed for a 3 or 4 nights/days of filming. This is an independent film, where everyone is working volunteer, but our ambition is high and the cast & crew first rate. Would love to talk to anyone who might be interested in having their car in our movie to come to some sort of agreement.

Besides the stunning Dolly Fox playing the lead role, the film will be boasting all sorts of melodic hard rock songs (Marco Sfogli, Rex Carroll, Hydrogyn and Fierce Heart) that will be coming from the car stereo, when “Wes” plays a Love Mix CD he made for “Julie” when he drives her to Hemlock Grove (lover’s lane in the movie).

The person who ends up letting the production use their car will be paid something and of course get credit immediately on IMDB.

To learn more about DOUBLE VISION and the highly-skilled people involved please visit

The Director’s site:

Devil’s Five Facebook page

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The filmmaker knows it might take a little while to find the right car for the movie, so that is why this post is going up now. Please contact Mr. Wickham at his Contact page on his website or by replying to this if interested in discussing the project.