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Juan Carlos Merino cast as “Mohammad” in Enhanced Interrogation

New Jersey actor Juan Carlos Merino has been cast as “Mohammad” (aka Terrorist 3) in the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.

Director Terry R. Wickham says, “There was some stiff competition for the role.  Even though JC didn’t speak with an Arabic accent during the audition, he showed a vulnerability and  was the age I was looking for in the character.  Plus he has charisma  will definitely translate on the screen.

I have total confidence that JC will pick up the accent before the shoot and I feel real good that he’s going to take full advantage this movie offers him to become this character.”

Juan Carlos “JC” Merino is a professional actor who began studying with a community theater group in 2009. He soon went on to pursue his passion for the craft with the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts. While studying between 2009- 2015 Juan Carlos was working with different methods and techniques on stage performing comedies such as BedTime Stories to Dramatic Pieces like Hatful of Rain. After graduating he went to study with Acting coach Marc John Jefferies to begin working on camera.
Since then he has worked with Directors Michael “Boogie” Pickney, Tobias Truvillion, Rock Davis, Anky Cyriaque, Shawn Baker, and D.C. Cole. Projects include The Trade (short film) The Whos (Pilot) Paulie and Jake (Independent Film) and others. While working with these directors he continues to learn and grow in front of the camera embracing each role.