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Leaves Eyes opens for Sabaton at Sony PlayStation Theater in New York City

Leaves Eyes Live in NYC 4/21/17.  Photo Mike Porciello

By Michael Porciello

Straight from work, and still in semi – professional attire on a casual Friday, (April 21st) I stepped out of the train at Penn Station and headed up Broadway to the PlayStation Theater to see three incredible bands whose style you really don’t see much of with native bands in the USA. Passing many a trinket vendor, I couldn’t help but notice how vastly this city has changed since I was little. Maybe it was my built in NY attitude that simply told them “no sale” before they even approached me to buy a foam Statue of Liberty crown. Not 15 minutes later, there it was, the cavernous, basement concert venue; one of a few that do not use Ticketmaster, thus affording a later ending time. This was a much needed break up of monotony.

Battle Beast live @ Play Station Theater Photo Mike Porciello


Taking the stage at 8 pm sharp was Finland’s Battle Beast. Led by Noora Louhima,  Battle Beast blazed through a 40 minute set starting off with “Straight to the Heart”. Nearing the end of their set, Battle Beast had the crowd in a singalong for “Bastard Son of Odin”. Their style, a good throwback to 80’s power metal, was received quite well from the polite crowd who showed up early. This kind of music may have very little market value here in the USA, but overseas, in countries where English is not the native language, it is resurrected, and perfected. I look forward to hearing more form Battle Beast upcoming.

Leaves Eyes live. Photo Mike Porciello


Leaves Eyes is a band who has been on my radar for a long time now. You don’t really see much viking metal, or really just that sharp of a focus and perfection of craft here in America, with our ever changing musical landscapes. Led by Elina Siirala and Alexander Krull, the band took that place over for the 45 minutes that they were on that stage. Elina’s operatic vocals, coupled with Alexander’s death – like growls, Leaves Eyes left me speechless. Opening with “Halvdan The Black”, Leaves eyes literally brings you back in time to the battlefront with each song. From the bloody epic of “Swords In Rock” to “Edge of Steel” you can taste victory each time. Leaves Eyes is a very diverse sounding band. One second operatic, one second brutal. Imagine them acoustic. They have that certain element to their sound that I believe would translate well, complete with full orchestra, and back lit in fire.

Leaves Eyes let it fly in the Big Apple. Photo Mike Porciello


Continuing the ever changing battlefront dimensions, the band brought more of the opera meets death, or “Beauty and The Beast” with songs such as “Swords In Rock”, and “Edge of Steel”; each it’s own epic. The highlight of the evening was the brand new “Fires In The North” , which again, the beautiful Elina Siirala handled with style and finesse. Along with Alexander Krull’s fist pumps to get the crowd riled up, many, including myself just stood there in awe, as that chorus was sung. “Fires In The North” sounded twice as good live as the studio recording.  As they left the stage, Alexander Krull (who also fronts death metal band Atrocity) in full knight regalia promised that Leaves Eyes would be back. That’s a show I won’t miss.

Sabaton live in New York City 4/21/17. Photo Mike Porciello


At roughly 10 pm, with nearly a packed house, Sabaton took the stage, amidst a cannon and “7.62 Artillery” ammo cases. That’s when things turned into a madhouse. For the 90 odd minutes, Sweden’s favorite war machine tore the house up. Every song they make is like listening to a history professor’s lecture set to music. To experience it live in concert adds that extra element. From “Carolus Rex” to “Swedish Pagans’, they pulled out all the stops. Contrary to belief, this is not Sabaton’s last tour. The Last Tour (a great marketing strategy) is the name of their most recent tour to promote their latest album, “The Last Stand.”

Leaves Eyes Rocked NYC. Photo Mike Porciello

So for roughly 3 and 1/2 hours I was fully entertained by many a battlefront. From the raw power of vikings, to nuclear devastation, these three bands brought out their A Game. Sabaton, with a huge fan base here, may just be getting the respect they finally deserve. I would love to see Sabaton paired with Manowar. THAT would be a hell of a show!  Battle Beast, we’ll undoubtedly be hearing more from. Leaves Eyes, with a lineup change that stunned many a follower, still have that certain 1, 2 punch. We’ll be hearing from them again too once things settle down. As a wiseman once said, “Pray for peace in times of war”.

Date City Venue Country
Tour: King of Kings World Tour
04/25/17 Montreal QC Club Soda CA
04/26/17 Quebec, QC Impérial de Québec CA
04/27/17 Toronto, ON The Opera House CA
04/28/17 Cleveland OH Agora Ballroom US
04/29/17 Westland MI Token Lounge US
04/30/17 Louisville, KY Diamond Pub and Billiards US
05/01/17 Chicago, IL Concord Music Hall US
05/02/17 Minneapolis, MN The Cabooze US
05/03/17 Winnipeg, MB Park theatre CA
05/05/17 Edmonton, AB Union Hall CA
05/06/17 Calgary, AB The Palace formerly Flames Central CA
05/07/17 Vancouver, British Columbia Vogue Theatre CA
Venue phone: +1 604-688-1975. BUY TICKETS
05/08/17 Seattle WA El Corazon US
05/09/17 Portland OR Hawthorne Theatre US
05/10/17 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom US
05/11/17 Anaheim CA The Grove US
05/12/17 Tempe, AZ The Marquee US
05/14/17 Englewood CO Gothic Theater US
05/16/17 Dallas TX Trees US
05/17/17 San Antonio TX Alamo Music Hall US
05/18/17 Houston TX Scout Bar US
05/20/17 Tampa, FL Orpheum US
05/21/17 Charlotte, NC The Underground US
05/22/17 Silver Spring MD The Fillmore US
08/24/17 – 08/26/17 Halleby Baltic open Air 2017 DE

Abandoned Photo Gallery #3

To celebrate the upcoming completion of Devil’s Five feature film, look at the behind-the-scenes photos from Terry R. Wickham’s atmospheric suspense segment Abandoned.

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham did his best to utilize the creep factor of one of the large locations used for the movie. Photo Jason Paluck


Actress Siakie Tetteh is super excited to play “Billie Winters” in Abandoned. Here Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly mics her up.  Photo Jevon Duff


Director of Photography Adrian Popescu (right) and 1st AC Giorgio Savona (left) prepare for a cool slider shot in the guts of an Abandoned looney bin.  Photo Jason Paluck


This photo of Production Designer Michelle Rickert and actress Siakie Tetteh was taken right after Abandoned wrapped Principal Photography at Pilgrim State Hospital 7/24/16.  Photo Jevon Duff


The places Abandoned was filmed, left lots of room for Director Terry R. Wickham to construct tension. Here Production Assistant Matthew Meehan prepares for the shoot inside the dilapidated structure.  Photo Jason Paluck


The production team had some nice discussions, like this deep one actor Aaron Mathias (far left) is leading outside Pilgrim State Hospital. DP Adrian Popescu (hat & sun glasses), Sound Recordist for the day Mark Goldberg (middle), Siakie Tetteh and Terry Wickham (far right) listen.  Photo Jevon Duff


Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly is rocking in the run-down locale of Abandoned. Photo Jason Paluck


Abandoned was photographed in multiple locations. This one was a dead end cul-de-sac near an deserted playground. Cinematographer Adrian Popescu lines up a shot on 4/24/16.  Photo Jevon Duff


The production of Abandoned made full use of places like this that had been neglected and left to rot for years. 7/23/16 Photo Jason Paluck


Make-Up Artist Regina Tune (near left of center) enjoys her time on the set of Abandoned. Left to right Steadicam Operator Mark Goldberg (far left) sets up his rig with DP Adrian Popescu. Actress Siakie Tetteh looks pretty in pink while talking to Sound Recordist Pat Reilly, PA Jevon Duff stands listening (far right) on 7/23/16.  Photo Jason Paluck


The moving pictures DP Adrian Popescu captured on 4/23/16 were stunning to say the least.  Photo Jason Paluck


Actors Aaron Mathias (playing “Steve Timmons”) and Siakie Tetteh made their most of their shooting time on Abandoned 4/23/16. Photo Jason Paluck


Director Terry R. Wickham listens to the wonderful sound Patrick Reilly is recording on 4/23/16.  Photo Jason Paluck


The crew on the last shooting day of Abandoned consisted of (left to right): Sound Recordist Mark Goldberg, Production Designer Michelle Rickert, DP Adrian Popescu, actress Siakie Tetteh, Director Terry R. Wickham and actor Aaron Mathias. Photo Jevon Duff 7/24/16.  Photo Jevon Duff


Director Terry R. Wickham directs his cast & crew for the second shot of the 1st shooting day on Abandoned 4/23/16. Photo Jason Paluck


Production Assistant/Still Photography Jevon Duff shots into the monitor while filming on 4/24/16. Production Coordinator/Editor/Still Photography Jason Paluck stands on left with 1st AC Giorgio Savona on right.  Photo Jevon Duff


This photo captures just a tiny portion of the massive deserted lunatic asylum. Sound Recordist Pat Reilly prepares to use his boom, with 1st AC Giorgio Savona is in the distance. Photo Jason Paluck


Filming at the power plant @ Pilgrim State Hospital, (L to R) Sound Recordist Mark Goldberg w/boom, Siakie Tetteh, DP Adrian Popescu, actor Aaron Mathias and filmmaker Terry Wickham.  Photo Jevon Duff


Adrian Popescu films a slider shot amongst the debris-strewn nut house.  Photo Jason Paluck


You can tell the two stars of Abandoned Aaron Mathias and Siakie Tetteh really enjoyed their experience on the last shooting day 7/24/16 in Brentwood, NY.  Photo Jevon Duff


This was to be the 2nd shot of the first day of filming but unfortunately it had to be Abandoned when the production found it necessary to vacate this particular structure on 4/23/16. Photo Jason Paluck


Production Designer Michelle Rickert operates the slate on 4/24/16 while Adrian Popescu (kneeling) shots a cool shot through the front windshield of “Steve’s” car in Abandoned. Photo Jevon Duff.
Siakie Tetteh is breathtaking as “Billie Winters” in Abandoned. Here she’s photographed in the movie by photographer “Steve Timmons played by Aaron Mathias. Photo by Jason Paluck 4/23/16


The power plant at Pilgrim State Hospital fit perfectly as the enormous uninhibited place for Abandoned. Look at the crew below to gage it’s vast circumference, this will give you a little idea of it’s monstrous size. Photo Jevon Duff


The teamwork on Abandoned was tight knit. The small production team Wickham handpicked filmed in some historic, legendary locations that make the movie look sensational. The filmmaker will always be appreciative of everyone’s efforts and willingness to venture into the decrepit places chosen to film Abandoned. Photo Jason Paluck
After Abandoned wrapped, Director Terry R. Wickham smiles knowing there was nobody better than Siakie Tetteh to play “Billie Winters” in Abandoned. Photo Jevon Duff on 7/24/16

Abandoned Edit Log/Plan turned over to Editor Jason Paluck


Today Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham turned over his Edit Log/Plan for Abandoned to Editor Jason Paluck.  With so many projects on Wickham’s plate, it took a while.

For those who might be interested Abandoned is made up of 33 total shots.  The average take count was 4.66 takes per shot.  The most takes for one shot was 14 takes.  The least was 1 take.

_DSC9037 (800x534)

The Director shares some thoughts, “The footage is incredible.  Between the acting, legendary locations and camerawork we’ve got something really strong.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 5.10.35 PM

There’s a sure-handedness to the direction I really strived to achieve.  Aaron Mathias is frigging amazing in the film and Siakie Tetteh comes across very natural and believable.

editingninja_DSC9004 (800x534)


The movie is captured by Adrian Popescu ‘s silky smooth cinematography.  He did astounding things with lens length and light to generate short depth of field, where our characters are surrounded by blurred foreground and background.   We wanted to draw you to the characters.

_DSC1400 (800x534)

Leftonred Atanycorner’s Steadicam work definitely is an attribute in the film, though I wouldn’t say it’s ever done in a show-off way.  It’s grounded to the purpose of what is happening in the scenes and sometimes you might not ever guess it’s Steadicam.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 5.15.21 PM

I also feel there’s a visual economy to the movie that probably comes from what I’ve picked up from John Carpenter’s directorial approach.  I think it’s something Carpenter is a master at doing and missing in much of today’s film making.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.26.27 AM_1

Now I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in the hands of Editor Jason Paluck.  I know this movie means a lot to him because he played integral role in getting Abandoned made.”