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Chambers of Horrors NY to Sponsor Devil’s Five Red Carpet Premiere

1745 Express Dr. N., Hauppauge NY 11788


Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is delighted to let everyone know that Chambers of Horrors NY, located in Hauppauge is sponsoring upcoming October 22nd Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere.

Wickham says, “I met with President Marty Arominski and he took me through a guided tour of his 3 Interactive Horror attractions at Chambers of Horror  NY.  It was a lot of fun seeing all gruesome, frightening aspects that his haunted house has to offer.

There’s no doubt he’s designed the place to be hair-raising and eerie experience.  Plus Chamber of Horror NY is conveniently located right on the service road of the Long Island Expressway in Hauppague.  You can’t miss the giant skull peeking out from the building entrance, it’s skeletal hands reaching out to beckon all who are brave enough to enter.

Three Chambers include: Maniac Manor a Victorian abode featuring ghostly apparitions and other sinister manifestations of the macabre.  3,2,1 Blackout! – every twenty seconds the lights go out and all heck breaks loose.  Slaughter House is the carnage filled portion that would make Leatherface & Pinhead feel right at home.

To promote Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere, Chamber of Horrors NY will be continuously playing Devil’s Five trailers (“The Devil’s Five“, “Abandoned“, “Stash“, “Don’t Say These Words” and “Choke“) DVD on their large screen HD TV.  This is sure to influence a bunch of folks paying to to be frightened to purchase tickets for Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere.