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Long Island Ice Tea Co-Sponsors Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere

Mantaray Pictures LLC Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is happy to announce that Long Island Ice Tea will be Co-Sponsoring Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere.

The Writer/Director/Producer says, “I wanted to find a company locally that would help support our film’s special event.  At the same time felt very strongly that we could be of assistance by exposing their product to the world with our movie’s debut.

A month or so ago I had lunch with my family at an excellent seafood restaurant and had a delicious bottle of Long Island Ice Tea Lemonade for the first time.  I’m being totally honest, I never even heard of their brand before then.

So when thinking of a business organization to contact to help sponsor Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere, Long Island Ice Tea was the first company I thought of.  If I wasn’t aware of them, then there had to be other people not familiar with their brand as well.

So I’m thrilled that Long Island Ice Tea will be supplying their delectable product for the After Party of Devil’s Five.”

Get your tickets now so that you can see the next horror extravaganza and taste Long Island Ice Tea’s stupendous beverage afterwards:

For more information about Long Island Island Tea please visit their website and or related social media: