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The Devil’s Five segment (a.k.a “The Wraparound) Nears Completion

The Devil’s Five (wraparound) segment for the upcoming feature film Devil’s Five is just about complete. Writer/Director Terry R. Wickham says, “I gotta say I’m really proud of the exceptional work Editor Kris Ramsey and Sound Designer Juan Pablo Moreu have added. They have both really contributed to the serious suspenseful mood of the film and I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done. Not much longer now.”

The Devil’s Five Trailer posted

We’ve finally got something to show everyone.

Here is the Trailer for the segment The Devil’s Five from the feature film Devil’s Five:


Please share it on every available outlet you have to spread the word and help us building the audience for our film.

Kris Ramsey to Edit Devil’s Five

Director Terry Wickham is proud to announce he has chosen Emmy Award Winning Editor Kris Ramsey to Edit Devil’s Five segment. Terry says, “This is the episode we were previously calling The Wraparound but have since  decided to call it simply Devil’s Five.  It is the story framing device that holds the entire movie together, housing the beginning, in-between sections, climax and four movies. The fact that we can attract an Editor of Kris Ramsey’s caliber is a major score for our production.  I can’t wait to work with him.”
Here Kris’ BIO in his own words:
While attending the University of Connecticut, I sought out many career paths. Realizing that molecular biology or factoring trinomials would never satisfy my creative mind, I searched for something bigger. Television- I could make television commercials. Luckily, I was behind in college credits and was able to enroll in a Television Production class that taught me the basics and led me into a thankless career of production.

After graduating, I worked the coast from Washington, D.C. to Cape Cod freelancing for anyone who willing to hire. After too much restaurant work and too little production, I went to Boston.

An exhaustive search and a hundred resumes later landed me a job as a PA with the New England Patriots. Flying first class to every Patriot football game, running up and down the sideline gathering soundbites from the bench. Finally moving up the ladder from schlepping to editing, designing, producing, and shooting pieces for the NFL, MLS, ESPN, ABC, FOX, CBS. Nearly 6 years, a Super bowl ring, and an Emmy later; I found himself longing for a new challenge. This led him to the doorstep of 91 East, as a Senior Editor managing a multi-edit room facility.

From Julie Andrews to Kelsey Grammar, American Dad to Despicable Me, VH1 to Disney – I’ve seen a bit of everything and done a little bit more.