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The Devil’s Five segment (a.k.a “The Wraparound) Nears Completion

The Devil’s Five (wraparound) segment for the upcoming feature film Devil’s Five is just about complete. Writer/Director Terry R. Wickham says, “I gotta say I’m really proud of the exceptional work Editor Kris Ramsey and Sound Designer Juan Pablo Moreu have added. They have both really contributed to the serious suspenseful mood of the film and I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done. Not much longer now.”

Sound Designer finishes “The Devil’s Five”

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A tiny little update. Los Angeles based Sound Designer Juan Pablo Moreu has finished his work for “The Devil’s Five” segment. This includes the full integration of music score, two songs, dialogue, sound effects and Foley. I think most people are going to really dig hearing it once they are able to see the film. Thank you Juan for doing such a excellent job.

Juan Pablo Moreu is the Sound Designer for The Devil’s Five (A.K.A. “The Wraparound”)


Terry R. Wickham is proud to announce he has found the Sound Designer for The Devil’s Five segment in Juan Pablo Moreu.  The director explains, “The Sound Design for The Devil’s Five (TDF) is going to be crucial to the success of the feature film DEVIL’S FIVE success because, TDF is the all important “wraparound” that threads all five movies together and bookends the feature film.  Because TDF features all sorts of horrific action, the job was too much work for some people who considered doing it.  But Juan was incredibly passionate about wanting not only do the film, but described the lengths he will go for authenticity.  I love how he is going to dive in and I can’t help but respect his courage to accept such an important role on our movie.”

Juan Pablo Moreu, born in Puerto Rico. In 2008, He moved to New York to start a career in Sound Engineering. In 2009 he graduated from an advanced program in Sound Engineering. With over 8 years of experience in Audio Engineering and over 2 years of experience working for films, live shows, reality shows, sports documentaries and news for television companies.

Now with over a year of experience in Sound Design for Film, Reality Show / Documentary and Podcast, he decided to relocate in Los Angeles, CA to pursue his career and passion for Sound Design and Sound Editing for Motion Pictures and Media.

Companies that he has worked for are:

CBS Network
Univision Communications Network
1900 Productions
Lock-Mann Productions

To learn more please visit Juan’s Linked in page: