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In The Blood (Blu-ray)



In The Blood (Blu-ray)

Anchor Bay Entertainment – 2014

Directed by John Stockwell
Written by James Robert Johnston & Bennett Yellin



Gina Carano
Luis Guzman
Amaury Nolasco
Stephen Lang
Danny Trejo

In the Blood confirms two things; Gina Carano is a big-time action star and John Stockwell can make movies with the best of them. 

This is the first time I’ve seen Gina Carano and you can’t help but be blown away with the former mixed martial artist from Texas.  She provides a potent mix of believable acting and world class fighting skills.  When she mixes it up onscreen the results are explosive and I love the way John Stockwell staged the fighting as it breaks out naturally, rather than professional fight setup.

I’ve admired John Stockwell ever since first seeing him in John Carpenter’s Christine.  He has a real gift of making films near or around water, in distant countries, engineering suspense, action and drama.  The camera work, acting and overall production design reflects his commitment to making things real and all of the characters come across as defined and well acted.  A lot of that has to come from his experience as an actor and the years he’s been directing films like; Crazy/Beautiful, Blue Crush, Into the Blue, Turistas and now In The Blood.

While on their honeymoon in the Caribbean, Ava’s (Gina Carano) spouse disappears causing the trained fighter with a dark past to search for him.  This leads her to a violent underworld of conspiracy that’s poisoned the island paradise.  Ava goes on a mission to find her husband and to take down the men responsible for her husband vanishing.

What’s so great about the setup is that anytime a movie takes place in a foreign land, because of the language barrier, it automatically creates tension and intrigue.  Stockwell uses this for all it’s worth during Ava’s intense search for him and the suspicious nature of all characters since you don’t know who to trust and not trust.

Cam Gigandet plays her husband and comes across with natural chemistry with the raven haired actress.  He plays things kind of down, which mixes well with her explosiveness.  Louis Guzman is always good as a creep.  Amaury Nolasco makes a formidable on screen presence and you will end up liking Ismael Cruz Cordova’s generous nature.

Stockwell uses an impressive film team that delivers.  Special notice needs to go to Music Composer Paul Haslinger for providing an excellent gritty score that helps capture the location and PJ Lopez’s cinematography that is both lush and guttural.

This Blu-ray comes one with supplement: IN THE BLOOD: Behind the Scenes which was cool to watch seeing how all the skilled people above put this excellent production together.