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Jason Paluck Special Visual Effects Artist for Devil’s Five




After some searching, Terry has found the person who will be the Special Visual Effects Artist for Devil’s Five.  His name is Jason Paluck, otherwise known as “EditingNinja.”  Jason is a spirited designer who uses editing, photography and all sorts of digital trickery as his weapons of choice.  He’s a man who has similar lofty ambitions for this project as the director.  Terry says, “I was determined to find someone could give the movie a touch of artistry and could work within our means, to create not only the visual FX for the segment but also create an important teaser trailer that will used in our Indiegogo campaign to be unveiled in May.  What we have planned will truly display the dynamic integrity & cinematic tonality we are striving for.”


Here’s Jason describing himself, “”I was forged in the sands of Long Beach, NY. Sharpened on the streets of NYC.  I am a NYC based video editor, digital artist, and photographer. I love to work with other creative minds and create art.  If there is mayhem involved I will be there!”

Check him out: