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Devil’s Five/Gruesome Threesome Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is delighted to announce European Model/Actress Dolly Fox has agreed to star as the lead female role of “Julie Goodwin” in his next film Double Vision.

Double Vision has been designed to be part of a TV series that will join Wickham’s company Mantaray Pictures LLC with a couple other production companies.  Double Vision will be one of the episodes that make up this planned half-hour show.

The Writer/Producer/Director elaborates, “I really felt like it was time to tell a love story and I am determined to make one that is heartfelt and mature.  A loving tale that would allow us to construct intimate scenes with dialogue that represent a tenderness that unexpectedly goes deeper than surface level.

I wrote the script to be incredibly thoughtful, honest and have multiple meaning.  I choose words and phrases that can be taken a multitude of ways, hence the title of the movie.  There are close friendships within the story that include not just the main couple, that allowed me to write subtly sensitivity that shows warmth, care and even some humor.  But of course, things turn dark and scary, when it does, I pushed suspense to the maximum.

Double Vision is a passionate account where two characters “Julie” and “Wes”, who used to be couple, are reconnecting after a decade has passed being apart.  The difference now is they both individually now know the other person is the one for them.  But as they move towards sealing their relationship together, they get rudely interrupted by a terrifying force determined to stop them from ever happening.

The best analogy I’d give for my ambition for this movie would be to attain the character depth of Michael Mann’s masterpiece Heat in a romantic way, mixed with a Wes Craven movie.

When I attended the Premiere of Codename Diablo in New York City and met the shapely actresses in attendance, they struck me as casting possibilities for the lead role. Because of their physical electricity, I could absolutely visualize such a spectacular looking woman, because they would bring something you don’t see every day.  I became very aware that super-curvaceous woman like them aren’t usually cast in many mainstream movies.

With my talent as a director, experience of having already worked with a big-bust superstar in the past, I felt strongly I could tell a story in that utilizes what they have to offer and at the same time  provide a serious role that they might not get otherwise.

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham with Model/Actress Dolly Fox at the NYC City Premiere of Codename Diablo

What impressed me about meeting Dolly Fox was her magnetic personality and contagious smile.  When she smiles, everyone else follows.  She also had a warm disposition that made her immediately likable.  She has star quality that radiates and not everyone has. Having been a filmmaker for the past 30 years, it’s something I can detect and was clearly evident Dolly has it.

When I pitched the story to her, she expressed a genuine interest.  From my experience, when someone expresses they want to know more and are willing to do what it takes to be part of a project, that usually ends up in a very successful way.

I wrote the screenplay after that premiere and truthfully designed it for both potential women I spoke to, who both said they would consider playing the role in the movie.

I am super psyched to that Dolly and is going to join me to bring Double Vision to life.  I have no doubt that she will be magnificent in the movie.  I will do everything I can to help her create a believable character that audience is sure to love.  I will surround her with other actors and topnotch crew that will help us tell this thrilling tale.

SaRenna Lee and Terry had a good creative partnership on “Stalk”

Having wrote & directed legendary big-bust superstar SaRenna Lee in her debut film “Stalk” 20 years ago (which will be part of Terry’s film Gruesome Threesome currently in post-production) and was part of the no-longer available feature film Evil Streets , I know firsthand how the audience looks at super-stacked actresses.  I believe that most people don’t know quite how to handle the big boob aspect.

I welcomed the challenge of writing the character “Julie Goodwin” in very conscious way that made her intelligent, sensitive and down to earth, so they could relate to her.  I felt it was crucial that “Julie” has insecurities and doubt just like the rest of us, which would help counter-balance her extraordinary appearance. I also was very precise on how we reveal this character, so that the audience will hopefully accept her without distraction and follow the storyline accordingly.”

Look for information in the next few months as casting will get underway for the other actors.  Plus you will learn how you can help contribute to the making of this film.