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Updated status of DEVIL’S FIVE movie


There’s a lot going on.  “Stash” is deep in post-production.  The initial rough cut ran 36-minutes and Terry & Editor Robert Figueira are working on cutting it down closer to 30 to 32 minutes.  At the same time,  “Stash” Music Composer Michael Romeo has been given temp music tracks to inspire the score he will be creating.  On Sunday March 29th, all speaking “Stash” actors be doing all ADR with new Sound Designer Henrik Soeberg.  Thad Byrd begins shooting “The Devil You Know” on March 14th and George Brianka is aiming to start shooting “Don’t Say These Words” the end of April.  Plus Terry & Thad are working diligently on preparing to do the Wraparound for DEVIL’S FIVE, with shooting aimed for the first three weekends in August.  Thanks for continuing to follow our film and your support.