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Devil’s Five/Gruesome Threesome Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is delighted to announce European Model/Actress Dolly Fox has agreed to star as the lead female role of “Julie Goodwin” in his next film Double Vision.

Double Vision has been designed to be part of a TV series that will join Wickham’s company Mantaray Pictures LLC with a couple other production companies.  Double Vision will be one of the episodes that make up this planned half-hour show.

The Writer/Producer/Director elaborates, “I really felt like it was time to tell a love story and I am determined to make one that is heartfelt and mature.  A loving tale that would allow us to construct intimate scenes with dialogue that represent a tenderness that unexpectedly goes deeper than surface level.

I wrote the script to be incredibly thoughtful, honest and have multiple meaning.  I choose words and phrases that can be taken a multitude of ways, hence the title of the movie.  There are close friendships within the story that include not just the main couple, that allowed me to write subtly sensitivity that shows warmth, care and even some humor.  But of course, things turn dark and scary, when it does, I pushed suspense to the maximum.

Double Vision is a passionate account where two characters “Julie” and “Wes”, who used to be couple, are reconnecting after a decade has passed being apart.  The difference now is they both individually now know the other person is the one for them.  But as they move towards sealing their relationship together, they get rudely interrupted by a terrifying force determined to stop them from ever happening.

The best analogy I’d give for my ambition for this movie would be to attain the character depth of Michael Mann’s masterpiece Heat in a romantic way, mixed with a Wes Craven movie.

When I attended the Premiere of Codename Diablo in New York City and met the shapely actresses in attendance, they struck me as casting possibilities for the lead role. Because of their physical electricity, I could absolutely visualize such a spectacular looking woman, because they would bring something you don’t see every day.  I became very aware that super-curvaceous woman like them aren’t usually cast in many mainstream movies.

With my talent as a director, experience of having already worked with a big-bust superstar in the past, I felt strongly I could tell a story in that utilizes what they have to offer and at the same time  provide a serious role that they might not get otherwise.

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham with Model/Actress Dolly Fox at the NYC City Premiere of Codename Diablo

What impressed me about meeting Dolly Fox was her magnetic personality and contagious smile.  When she smiles, everyone else follows.  She also had a warm disposition that made her immediately likable.  She has star quality that radiates and not everyone has. Having been a filmmaker for the past 30 years, it’s something I can detect and was clearly evident Dolly has it.

When I pitched the story to her, she expressed a genuine interest.  From my experience, when someone expresses they want to know more and are willing to do what it takes to be part of a project, that usually ends up in a very successful way.

I wrote the screenplay after that premiere and truthfully designed it for both potential women I spoke to, who both said they would consider playing the role in the movie.

I am super psyched to that Dolly and is going to join me to bring Double Vision to life.  I have no doubt that she will be magnificent in the movie.  I will do everything I can to help her create a believable character that audience is sure to love.  I will surround her with other actors and topnotch crew that will help us tell this thrilling tale.

SaRenna Lee and Terry had a good creative partnership on “Stalk”

Having wrote & directed legendary big-bust superstar SaRenna Lee in her debut film “Stalk” 20 years ago (which will be part of Terry’s film Gruesome Threesome currently in post-production) and was part of the no-longer available feature film Evil Streets , I know firsthand how the audience looks at super-stacked actresses.  I believe that most people don’t know quite how to handle the big boob aspect.

I welcomed the challenge of writing the character “Julie Goodwin” in very conscious way that made her intelligent, sensitive and down to earth, so they could relate to her.  I felt it was crucial that “Julie” has insecurities and doubt just like the rest of us, which would help counter-balance her extraordinary appearance. I also was very precise on how we reveal this character, so that the audience will hopefully accept her without distraction and follow the storyline accordingly.”

Look for information in the next few months as casting will get underway for the other actors.  Plus you will learn how you can help contribute to the making of this film.


Codename: Diablo/The Lost Empire Review

I had a really great time attending the November 11, 2017 New York City Red Carpet Premiere of the action packed spy comedy caper Codename: Diablo.

First of all, it gave me another chance to get together with my pal Hector Sanchez in New York City.  After having a nice dinner, we went to the Helen Mills Theater, which is a very intimate venue on 26th between 6th and 7th Avenue.

Codename: Diablo New York City Red Carpet Premiere Photo Terry Wickham

Before the show started, those in attendance were treated to Red Carpet festivities with Raven De La Croix, one of the stars from The Last Empire and three Buxom beauties from Codename: Diablo.  It was quite pleasurable meeting with the actresses and Writer/Producer of Codename: Diablo Dre Ys, who was also present.   I have to mention that I truly enjoyed speaking to some people who like me, appreciated what these movies had to offer.

Codename: Diablo ladies make a grand entrance at the Red Carpet Premiere  Photo Terry Wickham
The three big-bust ladies from Codename: Diablo Lilly 6K (use to be 4K when she shot the film), Mary Madison Love and Dolly Fox made quite a magnificent entrance with their supercharged curves and matching attire. You couldn’t help but be  impressed by what these bosom babes brought to the special event.  It’s not everyday you see huge-bust queens like these three.
Watching Codename: Diablo was a gas.  It was a funny film that combined not only Russ Meyer-like well-endowed women, but implemented James Bond antics, mixed with Benny Hill humor set against modern day technology environment.
Lilly 6K grabs your attention in Codename: Diablo
From the get-go I was totally entertained. Lilly 6K (who changed her name after increasing since shooting the movie) makes an unforgettable impression in the first scene with her extraordinary look.
Just when you think Lilly 6K has no escape in Codename: Diablo, the stunning brunette works her magic
What appears to to be a dire situation, she’s trapped on a yacht with a group of gun wielding frogman, is quickly reversed as the top-heavy star uses her considerable assets to pull the rug from under their feet and turn the table.
Martina Big in Codename: Diablo
Martina Big, who was not in attendance, joins her co-star to getting into the action-packed amusement. The stacked German model adds humor to the proceedings, probably unintentionally with her heavy German accented voice.
Mary Madison Love has a handle in Codename: Diablo
Hungarian model Mary Madison Love was not to be outdone.  She brought her striking European exoticness to the shenanigans and made the whole experience much more pleasurable.
Publicist Supreme Shade Rupe with Codename: Diablo Writer/Producer Dre Ys  Photo Terry Wickham

I had a great conversation with Writer/Producer Dre Ys (Andre) after the show.  I asked him how he came up with the all the noteworthy elements that made up his film.  He told me that he just wanted to make a movie with things that he’s passionate about.

The Three Bustekteers in Codename: Diablo

Mega breasted women utilized as the leads with Benny Hill comedy set amongst James Bond-like action, with many layers of multi-national accented speaking roles who were all mostly in tight body fitting latex costumes were his essential components.

I could not help but admire Dre Ys’s approach because it made Codename: Diablo distinctly his.  He doesn’t play by the rules commonly used by Hollywood, which whitewashes pictures  based on today’s homogenized political correct standards.  I find his approach courageous and I love that he’s not afraid to admit what interests him.  The fact is hardly anyone is making movies with actresses with super-sized boobs and Dre Ys is helping fill that void with the immeasurable cleavage seen in this movie.
With Lilly 6K Photo Terry Wickham
I took delight in meeting Lilly 6K afterwards. I found out the brunette atomic bombshell was from general area of the country I grew up.  I told her that whenever she was on the screen she definitely commanded it, not only because of her astonishing look, but her voice was the easiest to understand and to follow.
Lilly 6K ROCKS Codename: Diablo with a knockout 1-2 punch
As a filmmaker myself, I worked with big-bust superstar SaRenna Lee and some other chesty actresses in my career so far, but Lilly 6K takes the cake as the largest breasted model/actress I’ve ever seen in person.
With Mary Madison Love Photo Terry Wickham
Mary Madison Love is not only a head turner but she has a demure quality.  I’m not sure comes from this being her first movie, her grasp of the English language or just reserved personality in front of a crowd of people.  One cannot help to notice that her waist compared to rest of her body is remarkable.
With Dolly Fox Photo Terry  Wickham
Dolly Fox, who actually was not in this movie, but will be in the next installment of Codename: Diablo, is a vivacious blonde who most definitely has a great energy about her.  I’ve been around enough actors in all the years as a journalist/filmmaker to recognize when someone has it.  She’s got glow about her that the camera picks up.
We have much to look forward with Dolly Fox being written into the sequel to Codename: Diablo Photo Terry Wickham
Her smile and outgoing warm personality lights up the room. In the Q & A, we learned that Lilly 6K recruited her from a convention earlier in the year and I think that bodes incredibly well for the next sequel for Codename: Diablo.
The beautiful ladies of Codename: Diablo take the stage Photo Terry R. Wickham
Altogether Codename: Diablo is exactly as advertised.  It is an entertaining romp that will make you crack up pretty much non-stop, stimulate your action senses while delivering eye candy to the ultimate degree.  I am so happy to have got to experience the 35-minute movie on the big screen with some of the principals in attendance.

Believe it or not this was the first chance I ever got to see the 1983 originally released The Last Empire. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the film.

For some reason, I thought it was a prehistoric dinosaur movie with a bunch of scantily clad women running around, but it actually wasn’t.  Instead it’s a Sci-fi fantasy film with crime elements and laughs to boot.
The story is about  three beautiful women, who are members of a lost tribe, that must battle with an evil diabolical genius who has plans to destroy their “Lost Empire.” If they can some how win and find the sacred jewels that were stolen in the movie’s opening scene, they can can control their own destiny.
What really shocked me after was seeing The Lost Empire was that it was shot by Jacques Haitkin, the same Director of Photography that filmed Wes Craven’s legendary classic A Nightmare in Elm Street one year later.
Another surprise  was noticing that the Special Animation Effects we’re done by Ernest D. Farino, who 12 months later handled the Graphic Animation Effects on James Cameron’s landmark The Terminator.
Plus there is a cool music score performed by Alan Howarth, John Carpenter’s co-composer at the time.  His soundtrack for The Last Empire really echoed Escape from New York, so you gotta love that.  Raven De La Croix was the person who suggested to pursue Howarth because she felt he might be available between projects with John Carpenter.  Very smart move on her part.
Raven De La  Croix was definitely a stunning woman in her prime.  She has a very easy-going likeable quality to go along with her natural busty look.  In person now, she’s changed quite about in the 34 years since The Last Empire was released (she’s now 70 years old), but she’s a truly caring woman who is nurturing and doing what she can to create healthy peace for all she meets.
Mary Madison Love with Raven Da Le Croix Photo Terry Wickham
De La Croix spoke after the movie about how she was cast originally cast in Russ Meyer’s movie Up, when she was noticed as a waitress in a restaurant. This led to her working with Russ Meyer and the other film work that’s been her career over 40 years since.
Raven Da La Croix with Lilly 6K Photo Terry Wickham
She’s actually quite terrific in the movie. Not only because of the way she looked, but how she projected such a likeable humoristic personality.
The rest of the movie is populated with some TV actors and some semi-famous thespians like Angus Scrimm from the Phantasm series, who plays the evil diabolical genius.
One of the pretty ladies I couldn’t help but notice was Linda Shayne, who played “MIss Salmon” in Humanoids from the Deep and the comedy Screwballs.  It was really great seeing her again in a movie.  Since steeping away from acting in 1994, she’s become a prolific writer/director for feature films and television.
All in all, I had got a kick out of watching the film, which has a love-story/comedy slant to go along with the science fiction action.  Combine it with seeing Codename: Diablo that preceded it and it was just a blast.
Raven Da La Croix with Dolly Fox Photo Terry Wickham
After The Last Empire finished there was a question-and-answer session where Raven Da La Croix answered all the questions from the audience, then she signed merchandise.
Then we were able to meet with each of the three shapely actresses representing Codename: Diablo, which was not only nice on the eyes, but it was a real joy speaking to each one of the ultra-stacked ladies.
I would highly recommend you see both films. Codename: Diablo is aiming to come on Blu-ray in December and you should track down The Last Empire on Blu-ray as well. You’ll have a laugh riot experiencing their harmless entertainment.