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Nicholas Prainito takes over as Director of Photography of Double Vision

Film director Terry R. Wickham is delighted to announce that Nicholas Prainito (pronounced PRAY-nee-toh) has taken over as Director of Photography on his upcoming suspense-thriller Double Vision.

Wickham says, “Because of a creative differences, the previous DP decided not to do the film.  So I was forced to find a new cinematographer.

Nicholas was already going to handle all the aerial photography needed in Double Vision, with drones.  So we discussed the movie as him being the Director of Photography also. After speaking in detail and seeing his impressive work, it became crystal clear he was the right visual partner for this movie.

Nicholas Prainito shot this video clip for Double Vision Indiegogo campaign

What impresses me the most about Nick is his can-do attitude of trying literally anything. I saw it first-hand when he filmed both the clip for our Indiegogo Double Vision campaign and the GoFundMe video clip  for Devil’s Five.

Nicholas Prainito filmed this video clip for Devil’s Five GoFundMe page

Some cinematographers feel you can only do certain things with equipment. Nicholas is more open-minded and willing to go for it, which is something I really hope for with a cinematographer.

The fact is Nicholas is highly equipped to handle the type of moving cameras I see with my vision  of Double Vision.  We will be utilizing Steadicam, dolly moves, cranes and drones besides more conservative camera setups.  My particular directing style will really be on full display in this movie.

Also with Nick, it’s actually going to be the first time in a very long time that I’m working with a DP who lives on Long Island. I think because he based more local than some of the others I’ve worked with recently, it will be beneficial to the production, since we will be filming here on the island and in Suffolk County to be specific.

We’re going to get together soon to watch some movies I have in reference to my vision for Double Vision. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Nick and making the most cinematic thrilling experience we can together.”

Nicholas Prainito BIO

DP Nick Prainito has been working behind the lens for 11 years now, focusing mostly on feature documentaries shot all over the world. He has a keen eye for unique shots and artsy camera movements. Known for his appearance on “The peoples court” where he was literally accused of “doing nothing”.. we know nick does quite the opposite!


Adrian Popescu to be Director of Photography of Enhanced Interrogation

Director Terry R. Wickham is thrilled to announce Adrian Popescu will be the Director of Photography for the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.

Wickham says, “This project came to me through my Devil’s Five partner Edwin M. Figueroa, who shot The Devil’s Five and Stash segments for me, as well as his own episode called Choke.  So my first normal choice would be choose Edwin out of my respect for him.  But he passed the project onto me because he couldn’t do it because of his commitments on his job.  So naturally I had to think of someone else.

Adrian did such a stellar job as the cinematographer on my film Abandoned, the trailer for another movie I directed and my film Gruesome Threesome, that he was the one I reached out.

Adrian didn’t say yes right away, as he felt he had to read the script first.  After he did, he thought it was very strong and agreed to shoot the film.  I’m excited we will be working together again.

I don’t like to direct on auto-pilot and I refuse to use some kind of visual-template to shoot a movie.  I go into each film with an open mind as what would be the best way to visually capture what’s on the script.

For Enhanced Interrogation, my vision for the film would best be described as balanced.  I’ve already finished annotating the shooting script with an assortment of purposeful moving tracking shots, handheld shots that create momentum and static setups that will maximize different lens lengths necesssary to create a stylish depth of field Adrian and I strive for.

This approach is also smart for capturing the acting performances, which are the key ingredient for this film.”