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Jonathan Weirich to play “Minister Malcolm”


Terry says, “When the first actor’s schedule prevented him from playing “Minister Malcolm” I went back to the audition footage and decided to go with Jonathan.  Thank goodness his schedule will allow him to play the meaty part because I’m confident he’ll make a great “Malcolm.”

Jonathan Weirich (y-rik) is a professional actor, filmmaker, and artist. Originally a towhead kid from Perth Amboy, NJ, Jonathan spent his formative years in South Jersey, though he’ll deny this ever happened. He claims his parents’ hometown near Pittsburgh as his own. He went through an incredibly awkward adolescence that seemed like a cruel joke. Luckily, he grew out of that. He went to college and studied business, which was an incredibly awkward education that seemed like a cruel joke. Luckily, he grew out of that, as well. While at school, Jonathan minored in Philosophy, traveled the Far East, and listened to jazz and old Stax records while living in the international dorm. His perspectives on education and life began to change. After graduating, Jonathan took advantage of his degree in Finance and Philosophy by becoming an actor. He likened the experience of showing up in New York City with no contacts and very little experience to being dropped into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and told to start swimming towards shore. He’s still swimming. Along the way, he’s acted in off-Broadway plays, commercials, industrials, television, student films, short films, feature length movies, and has been a host for TV as well as live comedy shows. Through the independent film company he founded, JAKE LEG FILMS, Jonathan has produced, written, and directed various projects, including short films, a nine episode webseries, PSA’s, a documentary series, promotional films, music videos, and a travel show pilot episode. By continuing to explore his love for literature, art and architecture, he has branched into other fields. Jonathan’s unique style of photography has led him to contract work for musicians’ album covers and actors’ headshots. His desire to follow his nephew’s ever changing address has led him to photograph the heart of various cities. Jonathan is still swimming, still changing, and happily telling everyone that he’s from New York City.


Mantaray Pictures LLC is proud to announce that heavy metal queen Veronica Freeman has given permission use a song off her upcoming solo album to be heard in Terry Wickham’s segment “Stash”, which is part of the feature film DEVIL’S FIVE. “V” (as she likes to be called) says, “After years of knowing the talented and driven Terry Wickham, it is really with great pleasure that Benedictum’s music has been chosen to be a part of his upcoming film.”

A song from her band Benedictum will be played in Thaddeus Byrd’s episode “The Devil You Know.”
Metal fans should also be thrilled that metal juggernaut Primal Fear has licensed the title track to their latest powerhouse album “Delivering The Black” to the production, which will play over the end credits of the entire movie. In photo below; Devil’s Five filmmakers George Brianka (left) & Terry Wickham (right) met with Primal Fear in NYC and got approval from the band to use “Delivering The Black” in Devil’s Five.
You can show your support for heavy metal in a horror film by helping “Stash” get made by contributing at http://igg.me/at/Stash-The-Movie/x/7516571 or visiting Indiegogo.com and searching for the film “Stash.” The campaign ends Wednesday June 18th.






I am positively elated to announce that Edwin M. Figueroa will be my Director of Photography for “Stash.”  First of all, Edwin has a wealth of experience behind the camera serving as a cinematographer for over 20 years.  Better than that is his skill for creating rich texture with deep contrasting lighting and composing cinematic framing.  He’s an artist, not to mention director and totally gets the economic limitations we are facing but won’t let that stop him from producing great work.  This is a huge victory for my vision of “Stash” being realized.  I’m super psyched to collaborate with Edwin.”

Look at Edwin’s reel as picture proof: