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Abandoned Trailer goes LIVE

It’s finally here. The Trailer for Abandoned went LIVE today.  Edited by Jason Paluck.  Music and sound design of Trailer by
David Helpling,


“Abandoned” is one of the five films in Devil’s Five. Buy your tickets now for the Devil’s Five Red Carpet World Premiere @ taking place Oct 22 @ 8pm @ Seaford Cinemas in Seaford, NY. Get them while you can, tickets are expected to sell out.


On Thursday August 17th 2017, Writer/Director George Brianka shared his film “Don’t Say These Words” with Editor Kris Ramsey so that his film could be placed within the feature film DEVIL’S FIVE.  The only film left to turn deliver to Ramsey is “Abandoned”.

Screengrab from “Abandoned”

On Friday August 18, 2017 Sound Designer Bryan Lopes continued his thorough work on what was the 7th sound design pass of the film.  After viewing the latest update, Writer/Director Terry R. Wickham decided to make a couple more adjustments and Music Composer David Helpling had some excellent suggestions as well.

Screengrab from “Abandoned”

Speaking of Music Composer David Helpling, he turned his score for the “Abandoned” Trailer on Friday August 18, 2017 and to put it bluntly it utterly ROCKS!  To really appreciate the incredible composition Helpling created you need a good sub-system (phones, ear buds and weak laptop speakers cannot possibly do it justice).  David poured his creative talents into making something that sounds absolutely huge and terrifying at the same time.  Look for the Trailer for “Abandoned” to make it’s World Premiere this week.



Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham says, “When the opportunity opened up for me to write/direct a third film for the feature film Devil’s Five, I felt strongly that I needed to make something brief that would grab the audience.  I came up with the idea for this short piece when I visited an old abandoned psychiatric hospital with The Devil’s Five Special Visual FX Artist Jason Paluck.  Going to the locale inspired my mind with a cool idea for a film.  Jason immediately got it and agreed to be the DP and Editor.  We both felt that it should be shot in 1-day and not make it a big production.”

As Wickham was putting the script together, he got a strong feeling to call his friend David Helpling to see if he might be interested in scoring the film.  Terry elaborates, “David is so damn talented and I love the way he works.  He doesn’t go for obvious choices as a composer and I admire his musical creativity.  I felt this story is as much about the location as it is the human characters, which would afford David the chance to run wild in a subtle way to match the movie’s approach.  It’s a weird dichotomy, where it’s a small found footage horror movie but I want it to look & sound amazingly stylish and slick.  David’s signature ability to generate a huge canvas of sound in an ambient way, would crystalize my vision for the film.

The fact is 12 years ago David and I made a wonderful movie  together called Hair of the Dog.  I credit much of the success of that film to David’s music.  He is without question one of my favorite musicians in the world.  I felt strongly there was no reason why we shouldn’t join forces again on a project that contained something we both love, cinematic suspense.”


Look for more updates about “Abandoned” as the production comes together.  Paluck and Wickham are planning to shoot the film in the spring.  They have already put out casting notices for the all-important female lead.