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Stash Trailer goes LIVE

Check out the Trailer for the suspense burner Stash, which is one of the five segments from the feature film Devil’s Five.  The Trailer was Edited by Jason Paluck, Sound Design Thomas Jackson and Music Composed by Geoff Tyson.  Stash was Produced & Directed by Terry R. Wickham.  Stars Almog Pail, Jonathan Weirich, Richard Kern, Jesse Ray Sheps and Tina Surabian.  Director of Photography Edwin M. Figueroa.

Connor Hassler to be DIT / Still Photographer for “Stash”

Connor Pier Head 1
Connor Hassler is a film student in his thesis year at the School of Visual Arts studying cinematography. He is a talented photographer, DIT, & Digital Loader with experience on both short and feature film work.  Terry says, “Connor has a great attitude as I contacted him for our DIT position and he not only agreed to do, but volunteered to be our Still Photographer as well. “