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Red Carpet Premiere of Devil’s Five in October

The time is finally arriving soon for us to hold the World Red Carpet Premiere of the feature film DEVIL’S FIVE.  It’s been nearly 4 years in the making since the idea was first proposed to me in the fall of 2013.

My Devil’s Five partners and I are looking to hold the Red Carpet Premiere of DEVIL’S FIVE sometime in October (no better month to debut a horror film).

We are looking for suggestions (especially if you have any relationships with theater owners) so that we can determine what would work best for us.

One free ticket will be given to all of those who were in the cast & crew of the five films.  Everyone else will have to pay for their ticket ($15 price per ticket has been estimated).

Many of you must be wondering how good DEVIL’S FIVE is.  There’s no doubt that we have five distinct movies that each bring their own unique quality that together makes for a diverse experience.  I’m personally thrilled they are not all the same and that’s without question one of DEVIL’S FIVE strengths.

Please contact me if you know if any possible theater in Long Island, New York City or even New Jersey.  Money and theater location will ultimately be factors in where we choose to do this, but we want to hear all ideas.

Adrian Popescu to be Director of Photography of Enhanced Interrogation

Director Terry R. Wickham is thrilled to announce Adrian Popescu will be the Director of Photography for the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.

Wickham says, “This project came to me through my Devil’s Five partner Edwin M. Figueroa, who shot The Devil’s Five and Stash segments for me, as well as his own episode called Choke.  So my first normal choice would be choose Edwin out of my respect for him.  But he passed the project onto me because he couldn’t do it because of his commitments on his job.  So naturally I had to think of someone else.

Adrian did such a stellar job as the cinematographer on my film Abandoned, the trailer for another movie I directed and my film Gruesome Threesome, that he was the one I reached out.

Adrian didn’t say yes right away, as he felt he had to read the script first.  After he did, he thought it was very strong and agreed to shoot the film.  I’m excited we will be working together again.

I don’t like to direct on auto-pilot and I refuse to use some kind of visual-template to shoot a movie.  I go into each film with an open mind as what would be the best way to visually capture what’s on the script.

For Enhanced Interrogation, my vision for the film would best be described as balanced.  I’ve already finished annotating the shooting script with an assortment of purposeful moving tracking shots, handheld shots that create momentum and static setups that will maximize different lens lengths necesssary to create a stylish depth of field Adrian and I strive for.

This approach is also smart for capturing the acting performances, which are the key ingredient for this film.”

Devil’s Five feature film UPDATE


I wanted to update all of you following Devil’s Five  and give you the latest UPDATE on our feature film.

Our goal is to have Devil’s Five feature film completely finished by the end of May,

Terry R. Wickham Directs the wild Scene 27 @ RIverhead Town Hall Front Door area on September 26, 2015

The Devil’s Five (segment) – We are 99% done with the movie.
The Devil’s Five Trailer

On the set of Stash, Almog Pail listens to Terry R. Wickham’s direction in the woods of Califon, NJ. Steadicam Operator Devon Catucci prepares shot with DP Edwin Figueroa. 7/12/14 Photo Conner Hassler

Stash – We are 98% done with the movie. Stash Trailer 

On the set of Abandoned. 4/23/16. Photo Jason Paluck

Abandoned – It’s 80% done. Sound Design is currently being done on the film. Music Composer David Helpling recently finished his brilliant score for the movie. Trailer needs sound design and music before being posted on Youtube. Look for it in the next few weeks.

Don’t Say These Words – Writer/Director George Brianka estimated that his film is 95% complete.
Don’t Say These Words Trailer

Edwin M. Figueroa directs Megan Penn on the set of Choke.

Choke – Writer/Director Edwin Figueroa said he has a pickup shot to do next week and some ADR. Edwin will create the Trailer after he finishes the film.

Once the movie is complete there we are planning to have a Red Carpet Premiere at 400 seat theater TBD on Long Island which you can be part of. People will be able to purchase tickets to attend the Red Carpet Premiere. Look for details when it becomes available.

Thank you for being patient and your interest in Devil’s Five.

Not much more time before we can FINALLY get our film out to the world (Red Carpet Premiere, Film Festivals and World-wide Distribution).