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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que provides mouth watering Dinner for “Choke”

Left to right Kato Peragine (with camera), Lisa Zebrowski, Alejandro Jomar Ramirez, Terry Wickham, George Brianka, Chris Sasser, Jared Christopherson, Rrita Toka, Ian Clarkson, Stephanie Almeida, Jesse Ray Sheps, Megan Penn and James Balsalmo on the set of the Red Carpet Event in “Choke” NYC 11/5/16

Saturday November 5th,  2016 was the first day of filming Devil’s Five segment “Choke“, which began on the Penthouse rooftop of a building overlooking NYU.  After getting most of the shots needed for the day, the cast & crew were treated to an unbelievably tasty meal from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 700 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027 * (212) 694-1777 www.dinosaurbarbque.com/bbq-harlem


Managing Partner Lizette Lebron from Dinosaur Bar-b-que proved to be the catalyst at engineering a delectable assortment of racks of ribs, pulled pork, brisket & chicken covered with Dinosaur Bar-b-que’s signature sauce.  These flavorful entrees were embellished with  Roasted Whipped Sweet Potato with spicy nut topping, spicy Mac & Cheese, one of a kind Creole Potato Salad, BBQ Beans with Pork, BBQ Fried Rice with BBQ meats and cornbread.

Dinosaur Bar-be-que brought smiles to everyone’s face shooting “Choke.” Right to left Alida Lang, Megan Penn, Terry Wickham, Stephanie Almeida and Dazzle Lin.


Everyone gushed over the food and couldn’t get enough of it

Producer Terry Wickham says, “It’s the best Barbecue I’ve ever had.  After the awesome experience I had on my movie “Stash” 2 years ago, I was dying to treat this crew to the same unbelievable eating experience.”


I wouldn’t miss the opportunity eating it for yourself by visiting their Harlem location 700 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027 * (212) 694-1777.  Go to their website to learn more about their luscious food: http://www.dinosaurbarbque.com/bbq-harlem


Noelle Figueroa cast as “Entertainment Reporter” in “Choke”


Actress Noelle Figueroa has been cast as an “Entertainment News Reporter” for Edwin M. Figueroa’s “Choke.”

Producer Terry Wickham says, “I took the  fact that Noelle has the same last name as our director as an omen that she should be in his film.  I have no idea of there’s any blood relation, but she looks great for the part and wanted to be part of the project.”


Noelle was born and raised in NYC where at a young age found her passion for acting and entertaining. Since then, her vibrant and outgoing personality continues to filter through her performances on stage, film, television, commercials and print. A graduate of the William Esper Studio she has been trained in the Meisner Technique under the direction of Terry Knickerbocker and David Newer. Noelle is also skilled in improvisation completing all levels of studies at the Peoples Improv Theatre, granting her the ability to adapt to different types of characters with ease whether it be dramatic, comedic, or commercial. In addition, to Noelle’s artistic training and ethnically ambiguous look, she is also highly versatile and athletic. Her skills include firearms, archery, basketball, and softball. When she is not performing, Noelle enjoys family time, traveling abroad, reading plays, and watching movies. She is an animal lover and sports enthusiast. Noelle looks forward to advancing her craft in all areas of the entertainment industry that come her way.


Lisa Zebrowski takes over as “Director’s Date” in “Choke”


Actress Nuki Koshkelishvili got a 6 month job in Los Angeles, so Producer Terry Wickham has re-cast Lisa Zebrowski to take over as James Ippoliti’s “Director’s Date” in “Choke.”
The Producer explains, “Lisa is almost diametrically opposite of Nuki in terms of physical stature and I thought that would be very interesting for the film.  There’s no other red-haired actress in the cast either, so that was something I thought would enable Lisa to stand out as well.
Lisa seems like a good-hearted person who should be real pleasant to work with.”
I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and performed regionally in Cleveland cabaret and theater. New to the NYC scene, I’ve just started working on television shows and movies. I have a passion for animal rescue and spend most of my time volunteering in the animal shelters across NYC.