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Chris Blake Sasser joins filmmakers to appear in Edwin M Figueroa’s Choke

Choke Writer/Director Edwin M Figueroa is sure to love this picture of Chris Blake Sasser on The Exorcist steps, because it’s his favorite movie and the inspiration for Choke.


When not battling the forces of darkness, Chris Blake Sasser finds himself engaged in all kinds of artistic pursuits including and not limited to drawing, writing, womanizing, and film making.

Sasser wrote, produced and edited and directed his first feature length motion picture as a senior in high school. That film, a micro-budgeted vampire epic entitled BLOODTHIRSTY was ahead of its time with its tongue-in-cheek, ironic humor.

Next, Sasser brought the shocking true biography of New Jersey’s most infamous resident, The Jersey Devil, to the screen with DEVILTRY (click here to see the trailer for DEVILTRY)

Currently, Mr. Sasser is at work on a collection of short fiction. He also hates hair on soap.

Choke Producer Terry R. Wickham is really happy his pal will be joining the real filmmakers appearing in the movie.  Wickham talks about his friend, “Chris and I go all the way back to I believe 1995, when Reggie (“Phantasm“) Bannister introduced us at the Chiller Convention that year.  Reggie knew we were both filmmakers who loved John Carpenter movies.

I remember one of the first things Chris did on that day was challenge me to ask actor James (Return of the Living Dead) Karen who actually directed Poltergeist.  Not one to turn down such a challenge, I had to ask him, which predictably caused him to nearly explode defending Tobe Hooper as the Director.  Chris got a good laugh out of that and we hit it off as friends ever since.

I gotta tell you Chris is a very talented screenwriter.  We always share each other’s scripts to get feedback from one another.  He is exceptionally good at making things humorous and he wrote this one little ghost story involving kids in a haunted house that is just brilliant.  I hope he makes that film one day because I’m dying to see it as a movie.”