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“Choke” Shooting begins Part 1

Producer Terry Wickham talks to his Devil’s Five Partner/Director/Actor George Brianka before the shoot begins for “Choke” 11/5/16 New York City. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


I’ve got to tell you that producing and acting in a movie is a different experience than directing one.  It’s a lot less stressful.  “Choke” is actually the first movie I produced that wasn’t one of my own films.  I guess I must to have done a decent enough job, because I received propositions from two different directors to produce their next films.

Left to right Lisa Zebrowski, Alexandro Jomar Ramirez , Terry Wickham, George Brianka and Jared Christopherson. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


As the Producer, I was responsible for putting together all the cast for a Red Carpet Event scene taking place at a supposed film festival and getting the main portion of dinner for the cast and crew (which numbered close to 25 people).

Left to right Stephanie Almeida, Jesse Ray Sheps, Megan Penn get direction from Director Edwin M. Figueroa. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


When I was casting this scene I purposely choose more actors than were really needed, anticipating that some of them wouldn’t make it when the time came to shoot.  That’s exactly what happened.  Thank goodness I had experience to guide me, as three people out of 20, couldn’t make the shoot, so we were still good to go.

Photographer Kato Peragine acts as part of the paparazzi, shooting the Red Carpet Event. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


As far as getting dinner, I made a bunch of calls to restaurants near the location and found that establishments in New York City are not as willing to helping a small production like ours versus Long Island or New Jersey.

Director Edwin M Figueroa gives direction to Make-Up Artist/James Ippoliti’s “Date” Sarah R. Cruz on 11/5/16. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Thankfully I already had a good relationship with Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Harlem and they provided most of the delicious food for the evening.

Richard Kern (right) always likes working on movie’s like “Choke.” Paparazzi Photographer Christian Peragine (left) stands ready to take the next picture. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Also actor Richard Kern was able to get a tray of Baked Ziti from Dan Romano @ Frankies East Side Gourmet Italian Restaurant (located 313 Main Street Farmingdale NY 516-756-2753).

Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Tiffany Figueroa (Edwin’s wife) took care of the rest of dinner that included spring rolls, yummy spaghetti & meatballs, snacks, drinks and more.  All in all there was more food than anybody could eat.

Producer Terry Wickham in “Choke” acts in his natural role as a “Film Director.” Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


I don’t normally appear in front of the camera when I’m directing because watching the acting performances and viewing the shots is way too important.  Though I studied acting for 1-year at HB Studios in Manhattan, being in films is not something I yearn for or go out of my way to do.  But Edwin asked me and after all he had done for me as a cinematographer on my films Stash, XXistence Teaser Trailer, the Veronica Freeman music video “Again” and “The Devil’s Five” I couldn’t possibly turn him down.

Left to right James Balsamo, Sarah R. Cruz, James Ippoliti, Terry Wickham, Megan Penn, Chris Sasser and some guy pacing in the back named George:) Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Since the scene was going to involve filmmakers, I decided to cast real directors & producers to join me in the scene.  Not every movie-maker wants to be on camera, so I did get turned down by a few and some didn’t even return my calls and or emails.

Terry Wickham & George Brianka had a blast helping their Devil’s Five Partner Edwin M Figueroa, make the last episode needed to be shot, “Choke.” Photo George Brianka


Luckily I had some filmmakers who were up for the challenge and proved to be perfect for the film.

On the first day of shooting “Choke”, you would swear George Brianka channeled the role of “Joe Cool” from Snoopy. Photo Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


My Devil’s Five Partner George Brianka, who Directed “Don’t Say These Words” segment and acts in “The Devil’s Five” segment as a pimp named “Mr. Jingles”, was more than game.  Edwin had seen first hand how good George can be on The Devil’s Five and plucked him out to act as the main character in the scene filmed.

Jack Nicholson & Nick Nolte have nothing on Chris Blake Sasser. Terry spent a good deal of the night discussing all the things the two pals enjoy talking about. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


My long time writer/director buddy from Philadelphia, Chris Blake Sasser proved to be an excellent choice.  Chris has the look of a filmmaker who has dealt with the difficulties the industry can exert, sort of a “been-there done-that” quality, that made the scene more believable and in many ways a lot more fun as well.

James Balsamo unleashed the full fury of ‘exploiting multiple meanings of words, similar-sounding words, always for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Filmmaker James Balsamo was a gas, providing a never-ending barrage of pans and quips that had most of us laughing.  Almost from the moment you spoke, James was quick to strike with a Double Entendre.   Plus he doesn’t let anything phase him.  He just flowed through the scene enjoying everything it had to offer him.

James Ippoliti (left)  is a great storyteller and master of the “Selfie”, Terry Wickham and Sarah R Cruz got their mugs in this shot.  Photo James Ippoliti


James Ippoliti was another great guy to have in the scene because the Philadelphia based producer/journalist had lots of cool stories about his old radio show.  Plus all of us filmmakers had an affinity for movies made during the golden-era of horror (70s-80s), so there was a lot of talk about John Carpenter’s films, the best schlock films and so on, when we weren’t with our lovely on screen dates.

Alexandro Jomar Ramirez played not only a important role as a filmmaker before the camera, but was valuable as Janine Giorgenti’s Wardrobe Stylist Assistant. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Fashion Stylist Alexandro Jomar Ramirez, who was on set to assist Designer/Wardrobe Stylist Janine Giorgenti, wanted to appear in the movie, so we put him in as a filmmaker.  All I can say is that Janine and Alexandro made James Balsamo, George and I look our best and of I think he had fun looking terrific as well.

Some of the ladies left to right Megan Penn (front), Ingyang Muslin (back), Stephanie Almeida, in the distant right Noelle Figueroa and Alida Lang. Photo Kato/Christian Perigine


Speaking of which, I have to talk about the beautiful actresses who participated in the scene.

Megan Penn sizzled as Terry’s “Date” for Red Carpet Event scene. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Megan Penn played my “Date” and scorched the screen in a spectacular red dress.  I really appreciate how she came in immaculate make-up and in that killer outfit.  I actually didn’t get to act that much with her because Edwin split us up on opposite sides of the scene.  But Megan made enough of an impression with Edwin, that she may end up playing a much bigger role in the film.

Make-Up Artist Sarah R Cruz finally received some on camera love as James Ippolitit’s “Date.” Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


I was very happy to have Stash, XXistense Teaser Trailer, The Devil’s Five Make-Up Artist Sarah R. Cruz make her onscreen debut as George’s “Date.”  There’s no doubt that Sarah is a gorgeous woman and everyone loves her.  The fact that she’s worked with Edwin and I so many times before, not to mention George, makes us like a small film family.

If you think you’re going to get something past Alida Lang, it’s not going to happen, as George’s character will attest. The ravishing beauty made her presence felt during the Film Festival scene. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Alida Lang who was in the XXistence Teaser Trailer, brought her good looks and ended up being elevated to a bigger role than just a “Date.” Alida has a wealth of experience in front of the camera and she did a wonderful job interacting with George.

This shot captures the positive nature of Stephanie Almeida (right). She’s someone who loves smiling and passes that optimistic energy to everyone around her. Photo Stephanie Ellen Almeida


The striking brunette Stephanie Almeida played Chris Sasser’s “Date.”  Stephanie’s energetic approach made her a pleasure to be around and she juxtaposed nicely against Chris’ Hollywood-hardened self.

Rrita Toka traveled a long way from Kosovo to New York City, but we were very lucky she did. The actress/model was wonderful for the movie as James Balsamo’s “Date.” Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Rrita Toka was incredibly sweet.   Rrita’s fine features contrasted nicely against James Balsamo, as his “Date.”  Where as James is a bit burly, Rrita sparkles like a exquisite piece of jewelry.

Lisa Zebrowski hails form the mid-west and brought a totally different look the production needed. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine

Lisa Zebrowski played Alexandro’s “Date” and with her dainty charm and red-hair came across as nothing short of chic.  Lisa told me she had a great time with everyone involved and that meant a lot to me as Producer.

Ingyang Katja Müslin controlled the drinks given out, which were made of apple cider and cranberry juice. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Ingyang Katja Müslin was perfect in the role as the “Bartender/Waitress.”  The blonde, who comes from a potent mix of nationalities, was not just easy on the eyes, but wonderful to speak to.   You never guess such a feminine woman would be as skilled at climbing rock cliffs most folks wouldn’t dare think of scaling.

This grin from Dazzle Lin is something you saw quite a bit on the set of “Choke.” Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Dazzle Lin has an unmistakable smile and zest that just makes her a joy to be around.  I found it a lot of fun to listen to her Taiwan accent and the exuberance she radiates.

Noelle Figueroa was just as pleasant of a person as this photo suggests. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


Noelle Figueroa played the “Entertainment News Reporter” was very easy to get along with.  I didn’t interact with her a whole lot as she was placed on a different part of the set than I was, but she thanked me for putting together the group of actors that was there and that she had a great time.

Ian Clarkson, seated in the middle of this photo (wearing sunglasses) was back working with Terry & Edwin, the first time since he was a Key Grip on Stash in July 2014. Photo Kato Peragine & Christian Peragine


It was great seeing Ian Clarkson again as it had been over two years since he worked on Stash.  I know from Edwin’s reaction when Ian walked in, that he was just as happy to have him in his movie. Since Ian has so much experience having worked on rigorous Realty TV shows and other film & TV, that acting as a “TV Cameraman” was a piece of cake.

To hear about Janine Giordenti’s amazing Wardrobe Styling and the rest of the cast & crew look for my next blog, which will finish off the November 5th Shoot for “Choke”

Alida Lang cast as one of the “Director Dates” in “Choke”


“Choke” Producer Terry Wickham has chosen actress Alida Lang to play one of the “Director’s Dates” in the upcoming horror segment, to be directed by Edwin M. Figueroa.

Wickham speaks highly of the actress/model, “Edwin and I have worked with Alida before, when she played “The Judge” in the XXistence Teaser Trailer we made for Emilio Rosa.


Alida is obviously very beautiful and sexy, which is needed for “Choke”, but the real reason I’m casting her is I know how professional she is and that we can count on her.  Believe it or not that’s not automatic qualities you get in every actor/actress. Alida also takes her roles seriously, putting in the time to come in physically and mentally prepared to go into character.  That’s what I look for in any actor I work with.”

Model actress: Alida Lang, mom to 4 blessings. Has been modeling and acting for about 8 years. Alida has been Featured in several magazines such as Da Hoodndem, and ModelzRock, appeared in several calendars: Full Throttle Magazine as Miss August and Miss November, Cover girl for A Shirt n High Heels Calendar AND featured, also featured in Real Housewives of New Jersey Kim D’s First Posche Calendar, featured in Cycle Source Calendar sold out across U.S., graced several New York Runways for up and coming designers as well as the Kardashian Collection and Madonna, Where Kim DePaolo of Posche Boutique and The Real Housewives of New Jersey approached me to model for her fashion shows which I did for several years. Modeled several years for Wounded Warriors. Switched gears up and began acting as well with a few different extra and featured extra as well as speaking roles in films such as:

– Ante : Emilio Rosa (Riveras Girl) 2012;
– Mommy’s Box: Johnny Greenlaw (funeral attendee) 2016;
– Honey Flood: (short 2016)
-Disco: Fred Carpenter (2015);
– Rich Boy, Rich Girl: Judy San Romano, Andrew Henriques (2017)

*LinkedIn: Alida (Bisball) Lang

XXistence Teaser Trailer Shoot a total success


On Saturday April 25th, the production team behind the Teaser Trailer for the upcoming Television Series XXistence got together to film the promotional video piece.

Director of Photography Edwin M. Figueroa sets the shot with 1st AC Margaret Sclafani.  Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256

Director of Photography Edwin M. Figueroa had the team of grips transform the Toys of Hope warehouse into a sort of purgatory.


Make-up Artist Sarah Cruz prepares Alida Lang to play “The Judge.” Costume Designer Angelina Scantlebury can be seen in the distance. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Striking actress Alida Lang was first up as “The Judge.”  The raven haired beauty deliberated her important decision in regards to one man’s fate.  Filmmaker Terry Wickham says, “The camera loves her and she made it look easy.”

Actress Diana Laura who plays “Adriana” goes over the scene with Director Terry R. Wickham. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256

Diana Laura, who originated from Puerto Rico and has worked with the likes of Michael Bay, was next.  The actress carried considerable dramatic weight and proved she is every bit as good as advertised.  “In some ways, Diana probably had the most difficult scene to play  of the entire day.  I know it wasn’t easy to emotionally reach the place she had to go, but Diana did it with dignity and dramatic grace.”

Paola Tonini and Emilio Rosa prepare to go to battle as defense lawyers. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Writer/Producer/Creator of XXistence Emilio Rosa teamed up with Italian belle Paola Tonini to battle their own points of view in regards to their case as defense lawyers.  Wickham says, “These two made nice combustible mix that translated on the screen and made it fun for all of us to listen to them go at it.”

Frankie Ramos is the alleged serial killer “Xavier Fernandez.” Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256

Frankie Ramos playing an accused serial killer, got his hands more than bloody for his scene.  Terry says, “Frankie’s scene a bit tricky and I really admired the choices he made.”



Detectives Richard Kern & Dara Joy mourn the bodies of 4 poor souls.  Photos Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Executive Producer Richard Kern partnered up with blonde actress Dara Joy, as Detectives dealing a row of dead bodies.  The director says, “I could see a chemistry between the two actors that will enable them to play off one another when we shoot the show later this year.”


Chucky D’Omodio really got down to business as the prosecuting attorney.  Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Chucky D’Omodio came in and grounded his performance as the prosecuting attorney in a way everyone will totally believe in the affable actor/TV personality.  Terry says, “I like how Chucky didn’t go for a showy route, but rather doing little things that equate to the bigger picture.”

Young actor Jesse Ray Sheps in make-up by Sarah Cruz. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


Young actor Jesse Ray Sheps was the last thespian to go before the camera and he didn’t disappoint.  Wickham, “Jesse is just a natural in front of the camera and doesn’t over think anything.”

Toys of Hope Founder Melissa Doktofsky , Director Terry Wickham, actress Alida Lang and actor/Executive Producer Richard Kern. Photo Kenneth Brown/718-670-3256


A huge bit of gratitude to goes to Melissa Doktofsky & Toys of Hope for their big-hearted use of their location for an entire shooting day.  Not only did they let us use their facility, but never once complained about the long hours it took to do the trailer.  In fact on the contrary, they seemed to enjoy it as much of the rest of us on the production.  A million thanks for showing us such warmth and kindness.