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Abandoned starts shooting

Actor Aaron Mathias (as “Steve”) gets direction from Terry R. Wickham, while 1st AC Giorgio Savona listens near. Photo Jason Paluck

The principal photography for Abandoned began on Saturday April 23, 2016 and continued Sunday April 24, 2016.

Terry R. Wickham directs Abandoned. Siakie Tetteh & Aaron Mathias, who sit in the car to do the movie’s opening scene. While left to right Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly, Production Designer Michelle Rickert and DP Adrian Popescu (kneeling) listen. Photo Jason Paluck


Director Terry R. Wickham talks about what the small cast & crew accomplished: “Despite running into a few snags, the stuff we filmed looked incredible and I was extremely pleased with natural, unforced performances from my two lead actors Siakie Tetteh and Aaron Mathias.

Siakie Tetteh (who plays “Billie Winters” has fun before Sound Recordist Pat Reilly is about to mic her for Scene 1. Photo Jason Paluck


I also felt Siakie and Aaron had onscreen chemistry that wasn’t sexual or relationship based.  That’s extremely important quality to attain when you want your audience to care about the characters and what ultimately happens to them.

Actor Aaron Mathias runs lines, while getting make-up applied by Make-Up Artist Alexa Branco. Photo Jason Paluck

I felt everyone brought their A-games to the table with Director of Photography Adrian Popescu capturing some truly stunning images. Adrian has a very pleasant deposition that brought a very calm feel to the set.

Director of Photography Adrian Popescu lines up a shot for Scene 1, while 1st AC Giorgio Savona (behind car), Director Terry R. Wickham and Production Designer Michelle Rickert stand nearby


1st AC Giorgio Savona was at his side helping with lighting, lenses and other camera elements.  One of the funniest moments of the weekend was when Giorgio was shooing away two loud birds that had landed nearby on a small tree.

Editor/Still Photographer Jason Paluck (who shot all of the stills seen in this production blog) was absolutely invaluable.  Not only did he capture the shoot with behind-the-scenes photos, but also provided location expertise and even keen insight in the process.

Production Designer Michelle Rickert was totally in her element, supplying all props seen in the movie.

Production Designer Michelle Rickert handles the slate, while Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly booms the mic. Actress Siakie Tetteh looks out the window of the car. Photo Jason Paluck

Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly ensured we had the best sound possible, though the airspace over the shoot didn’t always cooperate with countless airplanes and jets interfering with the sound.

Make-Up Artist Alexa Branco prepares actor Aaron Mathias (who plays “Steve”) for the day’s shoot

Make-Up Artist Alexa Branco made the actors look camera ready and I loved her positive attitude.

Left to right PA Michael Porciello, Director Terry R. Wickham, PA Javon Duff, Production Designer Michelle Rickert, Make-Up Artist Alexa Branco, Siakie Tetteh & Aaron Mathias (in car not visible), Sound Recordist Pat Reilly, DP Adrian Popescu and 1st AC Giorgio Savona. Photo Jason Paluck

Production Assistant Michael Porciello was a huge help, not only picking up breakfast and lunch each day, but doing everything the production needed and then some.  Production Assistant Matthew Meehan gave us a big hand on Saturday, as he responsible for operating the slate. Jevon Duff was also there to take some stills and provided some good vibes for the production as well.

Adrian Popescu chosen as Director of Photography for Abandoned

Adrian Popescu will be the Director of Photography of Abandoned
Adrian Popescu will be the Director of Photography of Abandoned

Film Director Terry R. Wickham has chosen Adrian Popescu to be the Director of Photography for Abandoned.  Wickham says,  “There were some excellent candidates to choose from and it really came down to a toss up between a Cinematographer from Romania and another from London.  I’m convinced either guy would have done a wonderful job, but I decided to go with Adrian because not only was I impressed with his reel (click here to view one of his many reels) and experience, but he wasn’t fazed but the lack of funds and he expressed how much he wanted to shoot a suspense film with a director who cares about the visual look as much as I do.

Plus Adrian’s type of camera and gear were ideal for the shooting situation we will be in for this movie, which will be happening in a about two months from now (mid-April target date).”

Adrian on set

Adrian Popescu is a Director of Photography based in New York City. He is a graduate of Bucharest Film and TV School 1998, where he majored in Cinematography. Immediately after college, Adrian moved to United States. Working his way up, he gained experience as Camera Assistant, DIT and Camera Operator before landing his first job as a Director of Photography..

Working in all formats of film and video, his credits include narrative, documentary, corporate and commercial work.

Some of Adrian’s credits include feature documentaries, working as Director of Photography on several award-winning films – including the New York Times Critic’s Pick THEY CAME TO PLAY (2013 Showcase selection; PBS) and the Kevin Spacey-produced, star-studded theater doc, SHAKESPEARE HIGH (2012 Showcase selection; SHOWTIME).

Adrian’s recent film credits include: The Rainbow Experiment, G.R.O.P.E and the critically acclaimed Producing Juliet.

Please visit Adrian’s website to learn more of his work:

Adrian Popescu