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Adrian Popescu Cinematographer for Gruesome Threesome

Director of Photography Adrian Popescu (right) on the set of Abandoned, goes over a shot with Director Terry R. Wickham (left)

Director Terry R. Wickham is proud to announce that Adrian Popescu will be the Director of Photography on his upcoming horror-thriller Gruesome Threesome.

DP Adrian Popescu lines up a tracking shot for Abandoned


Wickham says, “We had such a great working relationship on Abandoned that I wanted to carry that onto Gruesome Threesome. What I love most about Adrian’s work is how we communicate together. The relationship between a director and cinematographer is super critical on a movie.  That fact that we can understand each other and see the same vision is a beautiful thing.

_DSC1365 (800x534)
DP Adrian Popescu went into some dark places to capture Abandoned


What’s also remarkable about Adrian is that he brings things to the table that doesn’t detract my vision, but instead embellishes it, which was one of the special surprises I experienced on Abandoned.

editingninja_DSC9004 (800x534)
Popescu & Wickham forged a great team on Abandoned


It goes without saying a DP should to be a master of light and lens. But I got more than that with Adrian on Abandoned.  That was apparent to other people when they saw the footage and were blown away.


When I showed footage of Abandoned to two producers for a movie I was being considered as director, they immediately wanted to hire him for the movie.  Then more proof is when I showed Abandoned to one of my director friends and quickly asked what kind of camera Abandoned was shot with, because he was so impressed that he wanted to buy the camera (the the real reason it looked so good was not just the camera itself but Adrian’s expertise with it). These are just a few examples of why I’m ecstatic that Adrian is returning as my cinematographer.”


Editing Ninja begins Editing Abandoned


Jason Paluck has begun editing Abandoned.

Writer-Producer-Director Terry R. Wickham talks about watching the first 6 minutes of footage so far on Abandoned, “Jason started putting together the movie from Scene 3 going forward 6 minutes.  What really strikes me about it is how clean, fluid and economical the film plays.


That was the approach that DP Adrian Popescu and I took.  It’s tremendously cinematic and at the same time there’s no wasted shots.

I actually can’t stand watching movies that are all covered the same way.  To me those are directors that don’t know what they want (i.e. don’t have a vision) and try to find their movies in the editing room.  I don’t believe it that clueless approach.

I also didn’t have any extra time or money to squander time shooting unnecessarily, so Abandoned is very precise.

My favorite directors John Carpenter, James Cameron and Michael Mann all bring a super strong vision for what they want and I subscribe to their tactical way of thinking. ”