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Abandoned Star Siakie Tetteh cast in Double Vision

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is beyond excited to announce that he has cast Siakie Tetteh to play a critical role in Double Vision.

Wickham says, “My friend/Screenwriter Jason Alvino gave the great suggestion of casting the lead actress from my film Abandoned to play the psychic/medium character because her African heritage.  He felt that not only is she beautiful, but her ancestry would bring tremendous history and texture to the film.  I couldn’t agree with him more.  I spoke to Siakie and she’s thrilled to join the cast.

Jason also suggested that I look at the film from a totally different perspective so I didn’t get stuck with just my original ideas.  I have and he’s opened a Pandora’s box of sorts as my creatives juices are flowing big-time.  I’m writing new scenes and have decided to make the film have two parts instead of three.

This makes so much sense because it goes along with the title Double Vision, which has infinite meanings in this movie.

Plus, the other day it hit me how I could bridge the two story/plotlines. All I can say is that it’s an exhilarating mix of the love story feel of The Notebook, mixed with the best suspense drama you see in a Alfred Hitchcock movie, with a tiny pinch of Basic Instinct (a very Hitchcockian thriller) and topped with the intensity of a Wes Craven movie.”

Join the team to make the movie: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/double-vision-lovestory–2/x/7516571

Patrick Reilly Sound Recordist for Double Vision

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is very enthusiastic to have Patrick Reilly as the Sound Recordist for his upcoming Love Story Thriller Double Vision.

Sound Recordist/Designer Patrick Reilly carried a big stick on The Devil’s Five

Wickham says, ” It’s really cool that we are going to work together again for a third time.  Pat did the sound recording for both The Devil’s Five  (aka The Wraparound) and Abandoned.

In this screengrab from Abandoned, Pat Reilly played this mysterious dark shrouded figure besides recording all live sound.

In  Abandoned, Pat actually played the threatening leader of the hooded figures/Satanists  (see Pat in photo above).

Sound Recordist Pat Reilly set of The Devil’s Five with Acress Diana Noris and Make-Up Artist Sarah Cruz.

There is a tremendously comforting emotional feeling you get when working with the same people. I think this stems from not only knowing I can depend on Pat, but we have been through the war of making a movie together more than once and that’s a special unique bond that can never be broken.

Sound Recordist Pat Reilly is enjoying himself on the set of Abandoned.

Pat understands the importance of his position, takes it seriously and does it extremely well.  But it’s also important that he’s friendly, compassionate and just a person who makes the whole experience better.

Sound Recordist Pat Reilly checking the sound on the set of The Devil’s Five (aka The Wraparound) in the basement Interrogation Room set @ Riverhead Town Hall – Riverhead, New York September 2015.

The bottom line is that he cares about the end product and for all these reasons it’s going to be a real honor and pleasure to colloborate again.

I’m sure that the new team of actors and crew will feel the same after seeing how he does his job.”

Pat Reilly BIO

Pat Reilly AKA “Pat the Panther” is a guitarist/songwriter who writes and performs Melodic instrumentals. Born and raised in Queens New York, Pat started playing the guitar at the age of 16 and released his first single titled “She Lights Up The Dark” on August 5th 2016. Listening to the melodic complexity and emotion of “She Lights Up The Dark” as well has the deeply soulful lead guitar work, it comes as no surprise that Pat lists some of his main influences as Marty Friedman (former Megadeth) Christopher Amott (Armageddon, former Arch Enemy) and the late Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) to name a few.

Patrick Reilly on IMDB 


Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham films clip for Devil’s Five GoFundMe page

Sunday February 18, 2018 “The Devil’s Five”/”Abandoned”/”Stash” Director Terry R. Wickham filmed a video clip for Devil’s Five GoFundMe page, which is being created to help support the movie into distribution. Thanks to new Double Vision Cinematographer Nicholas Prainito for shooting it.