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Gaetano Campolongo 1st AC for final Enhanced Interrogation shooting weekend

Gaetano Campolongo has been selected as the 1st Assistant Camera for the final shooting weekend in August for the upcoming political thriller Enhanced Interrogation.

Director Terry R. Wickham says, “Adrian wanted Gaetano for that important position based on his experience and skill behind the camera.

Through my conversations with Gaetano, I can tell he’s very passionate about film.  I have a good feeling that he is going to absolutely support Adrian and bring a lot to our production. ”

In Gaetano’s own words, “I’m Gaetano Campolongo, an Italian guy born and raised in Naples, a beautiful city in the south of Italy. At a very young age, I discovered a passion for movies thanks to an old friend. Through the lens of some of the best directors, such as Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder and Roberto Rossellini I was able to better understand the art of filmmaking. Their movies whether it be silent, black and white or just simply oldies I started to see what it meant to tell a story through a lens, a camera and an actor.

I am Camera Assistant with a few years of experience in the camera department. I have had the opportunity to work on differents sets from narrative feature film to music video from corporate and commercials to documentaries. I started my career in Italy as video assist and utility, since then I had the chance to know and have a hands-on experience with various cameras systems from Arriflex 35mm and Aaton Penelope to digital cameras like Arri Alexa, Red and Sony.

Since moving to the U.S. I have continued pursuing my passion and dream to become a filmmaker. The film set became my school, a hands-on way to expand my knowledge. As I worked through the different roles of Camera PA up to First Camera Assistant I have had the opportunity to operate different cameras but more importantly have had experience to work with amazing Directors of Photography whose ideas and insights into this world of filming I will carry as I continue pursuing my goal of becoming a filmmaker. “




Leftonred to take over as the 1st AC on Abandoned



Filmmaker  Terry R. Wickham says, “When the 1st AC of the first shooting weekend Giorgio Savona couldn’t make our upcoming final shooting weekend for Abandoned, I had to find someone to do the job.

I believe we found another special talent who can help us.  Leftonred (that’s actually his name) or “Lefty” is a multi-talented guy who totally understands the art of photography and should be a big help for Director of Photography Adrian Popescu.  Not only has he been shooting stills and video for most of his life, he is also a Steadicam Operator, which will definitely be an asset in helping achieve my vision for this film.  Lefty has a real positive attitude which is something I always look for in crew members and plus he really wants to work on Abandoned.”

Leftonred, is a still photographer and Steadicam operator.  Vacuum cleaner dis-assembler at age 5, solo operation of a ski resort’s concession stand around 15 or 16, apprenticeship in a woodworking/cabinetmaking shop, machine builder, machinist, tool and die maker, sheet metal mechanic, QC inspector, QC manager, project manager for robotics manufacturer all while working his way to get a Mechanical Engineering degree at SUNY Stony Brook, aerobics instructor, personal fitness instructor, racquetball and squash teacher, record store owner, partner in wholesale distribution to record stores, IT consultant for 25+ years, Table Tennis coach, social media strategist, craft beer website listings creator, photographer, videographer.  It goes without saying he’s been around a couple of blocks a couple of times and says he always has fun doing what he does:)

Please go to Lefty’s website to learn/see his work, including the impressive list of equipment he uses: