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[iNSiDE] Tha Jackals Head W/ Terry Wickham

Terry  talks in detail about directing his latest film “Stash.”  He  also speaks about his film to follow, which looks like will go before the camera in early 2015. (To play the interview, stop the auto play at top, go to the bottom to find Podcast button and push play)



10/6/13 Terry was a guest on [Inside] Tha Jackal’s Head, clink on the archive link below:

Hair of the Dog


An interview about HAIR OF THE DOG and ANOMALY (Terry appears in the second half of the show);

Rave Reviews for HOTD!


Horror Review
IMDB comments

Wickham’s outstanding directing…

8/10 Author: notnickaustin from Canada 7 May 2006

Terry Wickham has amazed me time and time again. Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to view many of this man’s creations.

Naturally, I was not left unimpressed. Many of Wickham’s videos have been rather outstanding, considering most of them have been quite low-budget. I’ve seen many higher-budget films which cannot compare to Wickham’s direction.

Hair Of The Dog marks Wickham’s best short film yet. A lawyer wakes up on the floor of his house, completely unaware as to the happenings of the previous night. The only clues to his personal mystery are a headache and a large, bloody knife. Curious, the lawyer backtracks his entire night to discover what really happened, and whom he should avoid, before it’s too late.

Wickham has done a tremendous job of casting, with such sure-to-be upcoming stars as Chris Weir, John Dylan Howard, and Mia Troche.

Overall, an outstanding movie, and a phenomenal director.


A Great Independent Thriller

8/10 Author: brandon1983cm from United States 18 May 2007

I could go on a rant about how the above “review” is a shameless plug for the director… but I won’t. I’m too much of a nice guy to do that so I will just talk a lil about this film and why it works and works well.

Like with any movie, the writing is first and foremost the most IMPORTANT aspect of the film-making process. Without it, you have nothing. Thankfully, “Hair of the Dog” features an incredibly well written script from a very talented writer by the name of Tim Clark. The dialogue is very witty and really gives the actors some wonderful material to work with. It would be really nice to see Tim get more projects as a result of his work on this film.

Also, the film features some great thrills, tremendous atmosphere and features a nice eerie score that really enhances the mood of the film. It may be a short flick, but it’s effective and accomplishes what it sets out to do and it does so in spades.

Hopefully someone with distribution capabilities will take notice of this independent gem and release it unto the public for many more of you to check out. With all of the rubbish we have been handed by Hollywood as of late (i.e. remakes, pointless sequels/prequels, etc.), it would be awesome to see a “good” film – an original film – get pushed into the spotlight for a change. Let’s hope so!

short but sweet

10/10 Author: shazd from London 13 May 2006

Hair of the Dog is absolutely fantastic. The only real problem I had with it was I wanted more than just the 45 minute run time. Chris Weir and John Dylan Howard specifically did an exceptional job under the direction of Terry Wickham. Their performances were captivating from beginning to end, and always kept me guessing what would happen next, or more accurately, what had already happened.

Mia Troche adds volumes with her wannabe-porn-star segment, although one must wonder what it is that Mr Howard saw in her to PREVENT her from taking off her clothes.

After seeing a few other pieces from Terry Wickham, most of them self-written, I am excited to see whatever he churns out next! I don’t doubt for a second that it’ll be worthwhile.

Washington Road 


Award Winner of the  “3 Minute Chiller” contest

Reviews posted on

From a cinematic standpoint, this was a class production all the way. Excellent, highly polished… – romeo2868

It was both creepy and funny. I especially liked the camera work, lighting and screenplay. – TVP

I think the director and the cameraman really pulled it off beautifully. – SpookyGuy

3-Minute Chiller

9/10 Author: shazd from London 13 May 2006

Washington Road is great for what it is. This 3-Minute Chiller was part of a contest to be the best of a whole heap of 3-Minute Chillers, which in my opinion, and the opinion of many others, it was. The movie passed with flying colours, as it should have.

I enjoyed the “other side of the lens” atmosphere provided, and I have to admit, this film covers a lot of ground in only 3 minutes. Several different POVs, atmospheric shots, love, violence, comedy, this flick has it all.

This film is a great sample of Wickham work. I’ve heard some stories circulating about the back-story of this movie, how it’s possibly not sex they’re talking about in the car. I imagine this film could actually be a scene in a much larger piece, and perhaps it is. Maybe one day we’ll see a Terry Wickham movie involving this scene.

Great work, Mr Wickham, I hope to see more of you in the future.

Parody at it’s best

Author: joey221962 from USA 11 November 2004

Spoofing the old 1950’s type horror film with the boy and girl in the car on a lonely road scenario director Terry Wickham makes his mark. Actor Danny Hayden certainly reminded me of every actor from those early films. Good looking with a sort of innocent appearance. What at first looks to be the same tired plot rehashed from aforementioned films, this film does a complete 180. A touch of a chiller, a touch of humor. It’s hard to believe that all this was packed into a mere three minutes. One might even say it had a touch of Rod Serling. All in all this was a great thriller with a twist at the end. The award it won was well deserved. Can’t wait to see more of what this director has to offer. And much more of Danny Hayden.