Maria Alexandra will be Make-Up & Special Make-Up Effects Artist on Double Vision

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is proud to announce that Maria Alexandra will be both the Make-Up Artist & Special Make-Up Effects artist for his impending tension inducing love story Double Vision.

Maria Alexandra does make-up while Director Terry WIckham stands in the distance on a trailer they worked together on in January 2017

Wickham says, I worked with Maria on a trailer last year and really impressed by her passionate/professional approach.  She’s got a great disposition about her and her positivity transmits to everyone around her.

This time I asked her if she could handle the special make-up effects needed for the film and she was more than ready to take them on.

Plus she loved the script for Double Vision and that plays huge into translating to all the hours and hard work it takes to make a movie.  Maria is definitely the right artist for Double Vision.  I’m truly looking forward to collaborating with her again.”


Maria Alexandra is a New York City based Professional Makeup Artist. Who is highly active in the industry working with many tv stations, commercial brands, photographers, designers and models with work seen in several magazines, print, fashion shows, newspapers, television, the oscars and constantly growing.

From a early age Maria viewed makeup, as a form of art and expression. Makeup is one of the most impactful ways to express yourself or an idea. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different and individual to them, whether that is all-natural to full glamour.


Maria has studied all fields/ aspects of make-up under the most well respected and talented Make Up Artists in the business.

Despite the fact that she was self taught, She wanted to become more knowledgeable in her field. This lead her to attend Make Up Designory and take the Master Makeup Artistry Certification. Upon graduating she decided to take courses Including Sephora University Beauty 101, 201 Skin Care 101, 201. Till this day she takes courses to further advance her in her artistry. The amazing thing about makeup is that there’s always something new to learn”


Timothy Laurel Harrison Takes Role of “Debbie” in Double Vision

On Super Bowl Sunday Writer/Producer/Director Terry R. Wickham is overjoyed to announce that he has cast New York actress Timothy Laurel Harrison to play the key role of “Debbie” in Double Vision, his romantic psychological thriller looming on the horizon.

The Award-Winning Filmmaker says, “The casting of this character was one of the toughest, most fierce competitions I’ve had in my 30 years of directing.

First of all 126 actresses submitted for the part.  Then I narrowed down to the top-14 candidates after watching their reels and going over their resumes.  Next I did auditions 2 weeks ago and thought I’d found the right person.  But none of them panned out.  So I felt strongly that I should start anew and look at a whole new group of actresses.  It was a pain the neck, but boy am I glad I did.

The second group of actresses were even better than the first. There were three actresses that really stood out for different reasons.  One was very attractive.  One seemed like she was deranged (which I know was acting).  Finally one actress was able to alter her personality like I’ve never seen before.  She had the amazing ability change her herself like a light switch. To flip between different emotions and vocal tone like a machine.

Timothy Laurel Harrison was the third described actress . I just couldn’t deny casting her with her unique ability for this role.  I mean after she performed the scene, we were talking about how certain lines could be presented differently, and without warning she’d say a couple lines that way and then continue talking normal.  That was uncanny and super impressive to witness.

The other factor that played in her favor was her girl-next-door look.  This was something I felt was very important for Double Vision to work and she’d bring the needed contrast when paired with blonde bombshell Dolly Fox, who is playing “Julie.”

I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to ask for advice from those you trust or ask people offhanded questions to test possible choices when making such vital decision.  In this case, while at work that day, I showed photos of the three actresses to a couple of my co-workers. After describing what I was looking in the character, they both pointed to Timothy on her appearance alone.

Her second callback later that night confirmed what they saw and I already felt.  There was no way I was going to deny awarding her the role of “Debbie.”

Timothy later told me that she worked with Jonathan Weirich on a TV show years ago ( who is playing “Wes”), which goes to show the small world we live in and the positive synergy building for Double Vision.

I am so looking forward  to working with Timothy and the other fine actors that make up the cast for my white knuckle passion ride.  We are aiming to shoot the film in late May or June.”


Timothy Laurel Harrison is a New Yorker and an actress, who has trained with such greats as Gene Frankel, William Esper, Terry Knickerbocker, Olympia Dukakis, and Janet Zarish.  She is thrilled to be joining the cast of Double Vision and working alongside the phenomenal Terry Wickham! Other Credits Include shows on the Discovery ID Channel, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, and The Lifetime Movie Network Channel,  Out of My Hand (Netflix) and the soon to be released: The Samaritans (2018), and Rock, Paper, Scissors (2019)