Awakening the Beast

By Tim Clark

So here we are, just a few days from principal photography on Stash.  For the uninitiated, Stash is a 20-minute film, written by yours truly that will be the final segment in the feature anthology film The Devil’s Five. My good friend Terry Wickham is directing Stash. Terry and I previously worked together on the featurette Hair of the Dog. While I consider that film to be one of the most rewarding creative experiences in my life, there’s no doubt in my mind that Stash is going to completely obliterate Hair of the Dog in every way imaginable.

The team Terry has assembled for Stash is as passionate and driven as we are. Sure, the creative process can be a real bitch with different personalities, motivations and beliefs all clashing together in some of the most uncomfortable and unproductive ways imaginable. And while Stash has experienced some of this, it hasn’t come close to shutting us down our discouraging the team.

It’s only made us stronger.

So as we wind down pre-production and head off into the deep woods of beautiful (and hopefully terrifying) Califon, New Jersey to start putting image and sound to the words I’ve written, I feel both humbled and excited.

Humbled because of the dedication and faith put forth by the 20+ person crew who I haven’t even met yet.

Excited because I feel that creative spark again – a fire in the belly that makes me want to write really crazy shit that makes friends and family question my sanity.

The beast has awakened. Hear me roar.

Stay tuned. More to come.

John Galeano to be 1st Assistant Camera for “Stash”


Born and raised in Long Island, New York, John Galeano is a New York based, Director of Photography with over 10 years of experience. John has worked on feature films, shorts, TV commercials and an extensive amount of music videos that have aired on MTV and BET.

John’s skills include:

DOP/Camera Operator
1st Assistant Camera
Digital Imaging Technician
RED Technician

Richard Kern to play “Louis” & Executive Produce “Stash”



Richard Kern has been acting for years.  He studied at H.B. Studios in Manhattan under William Hickey.  He has been in movies like Heart with Brad Davis and played “Dana’s Father” in Out Of Touch Directed by Terry Wickham.  Not only has Richard been in all sorts of roles as an actor but has worked in print as well.  Terry adds, “I’ve known Rick for many years.  We actually met back in the late 80s when he was running a video store he owned.  Then I cast him to play a pivotal dramatic role in my feature film Out of Touch, which is where he showed me what he can do as an actor.  Stash is benefitting greatly from his commitment to the project.  He is putting his money where his mouth is and I’m extremely grateful for his considerable involvement as not only an actor but Executive Producer.”