Paul & LaRetha


Gone But NEVER Forgotten

Uncle Perry Paul Wickham 4-12-42 to 3-26-11
Aunt LaRetha Ruth Wickham 12-28-44 to 3-26-11

My Uncle Paul and Aunt LaRetha made a great couple as they had been married for 45 years.  To tell you the truth, when I think of them, I almost can’t think of either of them without the other.

Though my direct family didn’t always live close, we enjoyed many great times together when we drove down to Utah and when they packed up their kids (our cousins) and visited us in Washington State.

Some of my best memories will always be when my Grandma Florence Jensen (bless her soul) sent me down to Utah after graduating high school in 1984.  She felt that since I was going into
the Army, it might be the last chance to see my Grandma Anna Wickham (R.I.P.).

Unfortunately that proved to be true.  The week or so I spent there, was a lot of fun for me as I stayed at my Uncle & Aunt’s house and with Grandma Wickham.  Swimming at the nearby lake, attending a rodeo (only one in my life so far), driving up to Bear Lake, going to church with them, having dinner, long talks and just being around them and my cousins will be forever etched in my mind.

As bad as I feel about the passing of my Uncle (today is his birthday) and my Aunt, I feel worse for my Dad losing his only brother and my cousins losing both their parents.  But it is somehow fitting that they’ve gone to Heaven together.

Love, hugs and kisses to my Dad, Daphne Carlson, Kim Parkinson, Raymond Wickham, Stephen Wickham and their families.

Paul&LaRethaOregon 2009 037

(Photos were taken on the California/Oregon coast in 2009 and @ the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN in 2008)

grand ole opry gang 001