Michael Thomas Knight (Kubat)

Michael Knight does his thing @ Argyle Park in Bay Shore, NY
Father’s Day June 18, 2017 I lost a very dear friend.
Terry directs Michael Knight @ Throggs Neck Jetty. The Throggs Neck Bridge looms in the distance
I first met Michael Thomas-Knight (Kubat) back in 1994 when I directed the music video “The Phoenix”  for him. We had a blast shooting that music video, when in one 24-hour day, we traveled 295 miles to film at 10 different locations (literally all around Long Island). Then in 1995 he asked me to be on his staff of Guitar 2001 Magazine, which I served as a Senior Writer for the 6 years of that publication’s existence. I remember all the times Mike would come over to drop me a stack of CDs to review. We had some great conversations about music, guitarists and horror films.
Terry, SaRenna Lee & Michael Knight celebrate after Evil Streets Premiere
Then 1996 Michael asked me to collaborate on a feature film anthology Evil Streets and directed the film “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett” for him, which was based on Michael’s short story of the same name. Evil Streets title and urban-horror concept was all Michael’s idea. Mike was such a kind, thoughtful person that he purchased a new SUPER VHS Camera to make that movie and let the other two directors (myself and Joseph F. Parda) borrow it so we would have the equipment to make our episodes (“Stalk” and “Szamota’s Mistress”).
In 2000, I directed a short film called Sarah that starred his daughter and we even shot the entire film at his family’s house.
Michael Knight looks right at home @ Throggs Neck Jetty. Terry and Michael would become close friends working together on Michael’s Guitar 2001 Magazine, making the film Evil Streets (1998) together and later the short film Sarah (2000).
Heck, Michael was such a great friend he created my website was my Webmaster for it’s first 6 years.
I have a lot of great memories from the past 23 years and have friendships that came from Michael Knight that I still treasure to this day.
Michael was a great man. He was a guitarist, Editor, book Author, Webmaster, outstanding model-maker and more important a husband and Father. Paula and I will definitely miss him dearly. We send our deepest condolences to his wife and family.