Kris Skorupa

Kris & Terry

Gone But NEVER Forgotten

Kristina (Kris) Marie Skorupa 7-26-66 / 9-28-84

Kris is comfortable         Kris looks real excited

Towards the end of my senior year ’84 at Snohomish High School, I became very close with a beautiful, sweet girl named Kristina (Kris) Skorupa.

I didn’t get to know her as much as I would have liked.  Three months after we graduated, Kris was killed in a car accident.  This happened while I was in basic training in the Army.

25 years after this took place (October 2009), I finally realized I never properly paid my condolences to her or her family.  Last week I spoke to Kris’ mom by phone to pay my respects.   Kris was 18 years old when she was taken from us.  I miss her tremendously.

To commemorate Kris’ short life, I made a video utilizing photos her mother Jennie (who passed in June 2013) shared with me and the song  “Send Her My Love” by Journey.  This song not only conveyed I wanted to say, but is one of the songs that makes me think of Snohomish High School, where we attended together.

(These photos were taken at my Graduation party in the unfinished basement at my parents’ home in Snohomish, Washington.)

Kris watches closely     '84 Class of Power


Sign says it all