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Abandoned Photo Gallery #3

To celebrate the upcoming completion of Devil’s Five feature film, look at the behind-the-scenes photos from Terry R. Wickham’s atmospheric suspense segment Abandoned.

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham did his best to utilize the creep factor of one of the large locations used for the movie. Photo Jason Paluck


Actress Siakie Tetteh is super excited to play “Billie Winters” in Abandoned. Here Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly mics her up.  Photo Jevon Duff


Director of Photography Adrian Popescu (right) and 1st AC Giorgio Savona (left) prepare for a cool slider shot in the guts of an Abandoned looney bin.  Photo Jason Paluck


This photo of Production Designer Michelle Rickert and actress Siakie Tetteh was taken right after Abandoned wrapped Principal Photography at Pilgrim State Hospital 7/24/16.  Photo Jevon Duff


The places Abandoned was filmed, left lots of room for Director Terry R. Wickham to construct tension. Here Production Assistant Matthew Meehan prepares for the shoot inside the dilapidated structure.  Photo Jason Paluck


The production team had some nice discussions, like this deep one actor Aaron Mathias (far left) is leading outside Pilgrim State Hospital. DP Adrian Popescu (hat & sun glasses), Sound Recordist for the day Mark Goldberg (middle), Siakie Tetteh and Terry Wickham (far right) listen.  Photo Jevon Duff


Sound Recordist Patrick Reilly is rocking in the run-down locale of Abandoned. Photo Jason Paluck


Abandoned was photographed in multiple locations. This one was a dead end cul-de-sac near an deserted playground. Cinematographer Adrian Popescu lines up a shot on 4/24/16.  Photo Jevon Duff


The production of Abandoned made full use of places like this that had been neglected and left to rot for years. 7/23/16 Photo Jason Paluck


Make-Up Artist Regina Tune (near left of center) enjoys her time on the set of Abandoned. Left to right Steadicam Operator Mark Goldberg (far left) sets up his rig with DP Adrian Popescu. Actress Siakie Tetteh looks pretty in pink while talking to Sound Recordist Pat Reilly, PA Jevon Duff stands listening (far right) on 7/23/16.  Photo Jason Paluck


The moving pictures DP Adrian Popescu captured on 4/23/16 were stunning to say the least.  Photo Jason Paluck


Actors Aaron Mathias (playing “Steve Timmons”) and Siakie Tetteh made their most of their shooting time on Abandoned 4/23/16. Photo Jason Paluck


Director Terry R. Wickham listens to the wonderful sound Patrick Reilly is recording on 4/23/16.  Photo Jason Paluck


The crew on the last shooting day of Abandoned consisted of (left to right): Sound Recordist Mark Goldberg, Production Designer Michelle Rickert, DP Adrian Popescu, actress Siakie Tetteh, Director Terry R. Wickham and actor Aaron Mathias. Photo Jevon Duff 7/24/16.  Photo Jevon Duff


Director Terry R. Wickham directs his cast & crew for the second shot of the 1st shooting day on Abandoned 4/23/16. Photo Jason Paluck


Production Assistant/Still Photography Jevon Duff shots into the monitor while filming on 4/24/16. Production Coordinator/Editor/Still Photography Jason Paluck stands on left with 1st AC Giorgio Savona on right.  Photo Jevon Duff


This photo captures just a tiny portion of the massive deserted lunatic asylum. Sound Recordist Pat Reilly prepares to use his boom, with 1st AC Giorgio Savona is in the distance. Photo Jason Paluck


Filming at the power plant @ Pilgrim State Hospital, (L to R) Sound Recordist Mark Goldberg w/boom, Siakie Tetteh, DP Adrian Popescu, actor Aaron Mathias and filmmaker Terry Wickham.  Photo Jevon Duff


Adrian Popescu films a slider shot amongst the debris-strewn nut house.  Photo Jason Paluck


You can tell the two stars of Abandoned Aaron Mathias and Siakie Tetteh really enjoyed their experience on the last shooting day 7/24/16 in Brentwood, NY.  Photo Jevon Duff


This was to be the 2nd shot of the first day of filming but unfortunately it had to be Abandoned when the production found it necessary to vacate this particular structure on 4/23/16. Photo Jason Paluck


Production Designer Michelle Rickert operates the slate on 4/24/16 while Adrian Popescu (kneeling) shots a cool shot through the front windshield of “Steve’s” car in Abandoned. Photo Jevon Duff.
Siakie Tetteh is breathtaking as “Billie Winters” in Abandoned. Here she’s photographed in the movie by photographer “Steve Timmons played by Aaron Mathias. Photo by Jason Paluck 4/23/16


The power plant at Pilgrim State Hospital fit perfectly as the enormous uninhibited place for Abandoned. Look at the crew below to gage it’s vast circumference, this will give you a little idea of it’s monstrous size. Photo Jevon Duff


The teamwork on Abandoned was tight knit. The small production team Wickham handpicked filmed in some historic, legendary locations that make the movie look sensational. The filmmaker will always be appreciative of everyone’s efforts and willingness to venture into the decrepit places chosen to film Abandoned. Photo Jason Paluck
After Abandoned wrapped, Director Terry R. Wickham smiles knowing there was nobody better than Siakie Tetteh to play “Billie Winters” in Abandoned. Photo Jevon Duff on 7/24/16

Kris Ramsey to Edit Devil’s Five

Director Terry Wickham is proud to announce he has chosen Emmy Award Winning Editor Kris Ramsey to Edit Devil’s Five segment. Terry says, “This is the episode we were previously calling The Wraparound but have since  decided to call it simply Devil’s Five.  It is the story framing device that holds the entire movie together, housing the beginning, in-between sections, climax and four movies. The fact that we can attract an Editor of Kris Ramsey’s caliber is a major score for our production.  I can’t wait to work with him.”
Here Kris’ BIO in his own words:
While attending the University of Connecticut, I sought out many career paths. Realizing that molecular biology or factoring trinomials would never satisfy my creative mind, I searched for something bigger. Television- I could make television commercials. Luckily, I was behind in college credits and was able to enroll in a Television Production class that taught me the basics and led me into a thankless career of production.

After graduating, I worked the coast from Washington, D.C. to Cape Cod freelancing for anyone who willing to hire. After too much restaurant work and too little production, I went to Boston.

An exhaustive search and a hundred resumes later landed me a job as a PA with the New England Patriots. Flying first class to every Patriot football game, running up and down the sideline gathering soundbites from the bench. Finally moving up the ladder from schlepping to editing, designing, producing, and shooting pieces for the NFL, MLS, ESPN, ABC, FOX, CBS. Nearly 6 years, a Super bowl ring, and an Emmy later; I found himself longing for a new challenge. This led him to the doorstep of 91 East, as a Senior Editor managing a multi-edit room facility.

From Julie Andrews to Kelsey Grammar, American Dad to Despicable Me, VH1 to Disney – I’ve seen a bit of everything and done a little bit more.


Red Dragon Cartel



Red Dragon Cartel

Frontiers Records – 2014




The rhythm guitar in the first track “Deceived” announces the unmistakable return of former Ozzy/Badlands guitarist Jake E. Lee.  If you listen to the frenetic energy of this rhythm, there’s little doubt that he was the man behind the Ozzy song “Bark at the Moon.”  I mean think about it, can Ozzy Osbourne actually sit down with the patience and discipline to even write a song?  Lee brings soulfulness to the solo section and D.J. Smith’s vocals remind me a lot of David Lee Roth. 

The start & stop nature of Lee’s guitar in “Shout It Out”, opens up the audio space for Ronnie Mancuso’s bass and Jonas Fairley’s drums.  This song has a vocal approach that would be great for the audience to join in and sing along to.  As usual, Jake E. Lee nails his lead work.

Love the way Jake leads us into “Feeder.”  Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander is featured on vocals giving this song a distinct sound.  Jake E. Lee plays a cool slide guitar and some super cool guitar ebellishment.  I do think the chorus has a big hook as well.

“Fall From The Sky” is grounded with a salt of the earth feel. Jake let’s his guitar roam free as he starts out in almost a slow folk-like way and lets it build up to so much more.

The Riffs in “Wasted” are heavy and nasty matching the vocals by former Iron Maiden front man Paul Di’Anno.  Fairley kicks a heavier drum beat, which really gives this song power.

D.J. Smith’s voice definitely sounds like David Lee Roth’s in “Slave.”  Jake E Lee plays a wicked fast guitar pattern in this sixth tune.

Maria Brink (In This Moment) sings the lead vocals in the prodding “Big Mouth.”  The way she vocalizes this song is reminiscent of original Snake River Conspiracy singer Tobey Torres.

“War Machine” has an early Black Sabbath feel.  D.J. Smith even inflicts a little Ozzy in his tonality.  Jake throws out some classic big, hard rock riffs.  Ronnie Mancuso’s bass is definitely felt throughout this tune.

I couldn’t help but thinking of Tina Turner, while listening to Sass Jordan’s voice in “Redeem Me.”  The timber of Jordan’s voice contains similar course texture, which does gel with the colorful classic rock instrumentation.  I really like how Lee presents the slow picked rhythm guitar.  It’s definitely unique.

The last track is a tender instrumental piece done on piano, which showcases Jake E. Lee’s musical dexterity.  Lee has composed beautiful pieces before like “Jade’s Song” on the first Badlands album.


I have never understood why Jake E. Lee hasn’t been more celebrated like his fellow Ozzy guitarists.  His guitar work on Ozzy records Bark at the Moon and The Ultimate Sin are amazing.  The man stepped into Randy Rhodes shoes and cranked out one of the catchiest riffs of all-time in “Rock-n-Roll Rebel” and the widely known “Bark at the Moon.” 

But how about his underrated contributions to; “Centre of Eternity”, “Slow Down” and his wicked axe-work in “Waiting For Darkness.”  Then there’s The Ultimate Sin, which I consider the least appreciated Ozzy album ever made.  Spin that 1986 album again and hear the massive riffs of the title track.  The brilliant harmonic twinges of “Secret Loser.”  How about Jake’s chunky power of “Never Know Why?”  Or the incredibly dynamic hook of Lee’s licks in “Lightning Strikes’ and “Fool Like You.”  I rarely hear players create anything close to the memorable prose that Jake E. Lee displayed on that album.

Then if you add the first Badlands album, which shot out of a blues-based hard rock cannon, it just doesn’t make any sense that Jake E. Lee has not given his proper due.  It’s probably the reason he left the music business for so long.

Welcome the axe-master back with open arms with Red Dragon Cartel.  I don’t think the album is perfect (I would have loved to hear more of his heavy metal side) but I’m more than happy that such an amazing musician is making music again.