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My Stepmother Carol Wickham passed away Wednesday 23rd, 2016 around 9 pm in Bothell, Washington.


Though we lived on the other side of the country from Carol and Dad, the times we spent together will be forever etched in our memories as precious moments for us all.



My Dad told me that Carol considered the visit they made in 2010 to New York to be one of the highlights of her life. The feeling is mutual for me and my immediate family.


Over that week we did so much together like: go to New York City, took the Gray Line mid-to-lower Manhattan Bus Tour, went to the top of the Empire State Building, attended a Broadway show (Phantom of the Opera), ate at Da Rosina’s Restaurant.  We went to Coney Island, ate lunch at Nathan’s and went to the NY Aquarium. We brought them to Jones Beach, ate ice cream on the boardwalk. Had a big barbecue and swimming party at our house.  Carol & Dad actually helped me prepare by cleaning around the pool (which for those who don’t know is a  good sweat inducing 3-hour activity).


Dad and I went to see NHRA Drag Racing Summernationals at Englishtown Raceway Park – while Paula, Rosie and Carol spent that day shopping.  Just being together meant so much it didn’t really matter what we were doing.

IMG_2915   IMG_2918

Not only was Carol my Stepmother, but she was my daughter’s Grandma.  Rosie was very upset which she learned of her passing and appreciated looking at these photos to remember her by.  Rosie always enjoyed getting a chance to speak to Grandma Carol by phone and will miss her greatly.


The only good things to come from this sad event is that Carol will be at peace and rest.  Her loving spirit will always stay with us and we will never forget her.


Respect to the Master Wes Craven


I am very saddened to learn of the passing of Wes Craven tonight (1939-2015).  Craven is one of the masters of the horror film and is the only director I can think of that made classic horror films in three consecutive decades (70s The Hills Have Eyes, 80s A Nightmare On Elm Street, 90s Scream).


I can’t think of any other director who directed all the films within a franchise (Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4), which undoubtedly was the reason why all of them were so consistently good.


Between the bold independent statement that began in 1972 with Last House on the Left, his smart storytelling always ran through his work; the hardly seen TV Movies Invitation to Hell & Chiller, his underappreciated teen love story Deadly Friend and continued in the excellent Serpent and the Rainbow and potent People Under The Stairs.  Wes Craven’s New Nightmare set the stylish self-referential tone he’d further explore with writer Kevin Williamson in Scream

Even his TV work was worth mentioning as his episodes in the Twilight Zone in the mid-80s stood out were some of the best of that recommissioned series.


Though “The Professor” has moved on, his work will love forever and his legacy will be carried by filmmakers that will carry the torch he lit so brightly over the past 40+ years.