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Review of Devil’s Five Filmmaker

“Our opinions and critiques of the things we experience are rarely more important than the people responsible for those experiences.  So rather than give my opinion of a new movie Devil’s Five, directed by my good friend Terry Wickham, I will review Terry himself.

As always, I continue to be impressed by his determination and fortitude.  Having been privy to a lot of the behind-the-scenes “challenges”, there were many occasions that I believe another director would have thrown his hands in the air and bailed out.

These hurdles only seem to fuel him to persevere.  Lack of funds, entitled actors, reshoots in inclement weather, and a host of people making promises to donate time that never came to fruition were just some of the barriers he experienced.

He devoted much time, energy, and personal resources  to see this “baby” come into the world.  That level of determination, that internal belief that there will be a good outcome in the end, is a rare trait to find in people of late.  In a world of instant gratification,  and the position of “the path of least resistance”, Terry has set himself apart from the pack and forged his own way.

He has an old world work ethic that includes knowing that anything worth doing right requires its due time, and anything worth doing well requires hyperfocus.  Terry puts the love of his craft ahead of the dollars or accolades.  His exuberance is contagious and one cannot help but look at every movie through a directors eye  and really understand its so much more than images on a screen.

I feel fortunate that Terry is my go-to movie partner and I’m a better,  more educated and excited moviegoer than ever before.   As a director, he compels you to pitch in and be a part of his journey because it just seems like a ride worth taking.” – Frank Fuina

Review of Devils Five


-“Sunday night, October 22, 2017, I attended the Red Carpet World Premiere event for “Devils Five”. The film was a well thought out joy ride, reminiscent of the feel of old classic horror and new age. ‘Don’t Say These Words’ was one of my favorites in this series. The comedic elements,  talented cast and  right amount of suspense set in the 1980’s brought me back to why I enjoyed the horror genre. ‘Devils Five’ is a great film for horror fans and non-horror fans alike. The film is told in such a way that it’s not overly gruesome, but enough shock value to keep you engaged. An overall great job by cast, and crew! – Michelle Morales


Devil’s Five Review

“I would score Devil’s Five a 5 out of 5 . The movie at first may seem confusing , but once you watch the full film, you will understand it all and appreciate the way the movies have their stories, but does a great job of making them not share common traits but instead branch out and maintain the same plotline . Devil’s Five is something different than I have ever seen before . The movie shows how much effort Terry R. Wickham puts in his movies and his sharing of the different obstacles he had to overcome adds to the beauty and appreciation I had for this movie and the person Terry is. A man who faced with sometimes extremely difficult obstacles does not give up on his goal to finish this movie . I would recommend Devil’s Five to any Horror fan and for this movie to find its own niche in the one of the biggest genres in the entertainment industry.” – Brannon Bass