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Stash Inserts shot in Brooklyn, NY

Left to right Director Terry R. Wickham, Editor/DP Jason Paluck, Actress Almog Pail and Make-Up Artist Sarah Michelle Bedrick in Brooklyn, NY 7/2/16


On Saturday July 2nd, 2016 two Inserts were shot for the movie STASH.  The  shoot went very well in Brooklyn, New York.



Thanks to Almog Pail for such a comfortable location. Big time thanks for the wonderful meal her Fiance Arnon made for us. Delicious!



Great work from Stash Editor Jason Paluck for being the DP on this day and to Sarah Michellee Bedrick for making not only Almog look great, but matching the continuity that the character “Faith Daniels” was in during the terrifying climax of the movie filmed almost 2 years earlier.



stash poster 5-14

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham is happy to announce that the inserts needed for the climax of the slow-burn, character focused suspense film Stash will take place Saturday July 2, 2016 in Brooklyn, New York.


The director elaborates, “Originally I thought we would need around 6 or7 pickup shots to make the end of the movie work.  But after Sound Designer Thomas Jackson implemented his sound effects, Foley and ADR tracks, the movie didn’t need that much.  What the film does require is two inserts, so that we can utilize all the shots of our demon, which should hopefully thrill all the monster/horror fans out there.

One of the inserts will play an important role in the Trailer for Stash, which Editor Jason Paluck has already cut.  Sound Designer Thomas Jackson will add his sound work to the trailer, to go along with Music Composer Geoff Tyson comes up with.  Both those guys will play a crucial role in the Trailer as they can really elevate the brooding, high-tension atmosphere I’m going for.


Make-Up Artist Sarah Bedrick will doing the make-up, hair and blood splatter needed to match the continuity of what was already shot.  I’m excited that we are going to get the chance to work together, before shooting the completion of Abandoned later in July.


All in all, it’s very exciting that everything is coming together for Stash and very soon people will get a glimpse of our movie.”



When the first music composer Director Terry R. Wickham wanted for his slow-burn, character-focused horror film STASH became unavailable, he had to find someone else to do the important job.  Wickham elaborates, “I know literally hundreds of musicians who could score a movie and I certainly know how to put the search out to find someone.  But I felt STASH needed someone different and unconventional.  A musician that could give the movie a distinct score not just match the film’s mood and atmosphere, but make it cool.  For some reason I wanted a guitarist to do it and I felt I should call on someone I already knew.  Maybe it’s because guitar is my favorite instrument.  But more than that I was looking for someone with the musical maturity and diversity that could play something along the lines of the band Hammock, especially for the first half of the film.  Hammock’s music is guitar based.

After I put my mind to it Geoff Tyson came to mind.  I had worked with Geoff before, as he licensed one of his songs “Butterfly”(listen to a neat version of the song on Youtube) for the End Credits of my film HAIR OF THE DOG.  I’ve admired Geoff’s work since he was the guitarist in the early 90s band T-RIDE (watch their music video “Zombies From Hell”).  Back in the late 90s I ended up doing an Interview with Geoff for Guitar 2001 Magazine and that led to us developing a friendship.  I hadn’t spoken to Geoff in many years, as he lives in Prague and has a pretty busy life.  But my gut feeling was he was the musician/guitarist that should do the film.

I’m really excited that Geoff agreed to create music for STASH.  Geoff is not only an amazing guitarist (see a short video of him playing a cool solo) but incredibly diverse musician, a producing whiz and just one cool dude (as this video will attest).  I have no doubt that Geoff will come up with something that will not only support the movie, but will be done in such a way that it will be unmistakably his.”

Geoff Tyson (also referred to as Jeff Tyson) played guitar for T-Ride, whose debut album shared the same title.[1] He was a student of Joe Satriani, and one of two students Satriani has said ‘Graduated’ from his lessons (the other being Steve Vai).[2][3] Songs from the album were used in various motion pictures and television shows including Luxury Cruiser in the soundtrack of 1992’s Encino ManZombies from Hell in the movie Captain Ron and Bone Down in an episode of Baywatch, Forbidden Paradise-part 2. T-Ride toured the world with Ugly Kidd Joe, Joe SatrianiWhite Zombie, Tora Tora and Asphalt Ballet.

Tyson went on to perform and record with Snake River Conspiracy (Reprise 1999) and toured with FilterMonster MagnetQueens Of The Stone Age and A Perfect Circle.

In 2003, Tyson created the band Stimulator with singer Susan Hyatt, and they signed a record deal with Universal Music in 2005. Stimulator had songs featured in the Walt Disney Movie “Ella Enchanted“, MTV’s The Real World and episodes of the E! Network’s “50 Hottest Hollywood Hookups”. Stimulator toured the world with Duran DuranThe Go-Go’s and were featured performers on the Van’s Warped Tour.[4]

According to Steve Ouimette, Tyson is one of the featured guitarists in his cover version of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.[5]

Tyson currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic where the Geoff Tyson band has been playing festivals all over Europe.[6] His new band is called Smooshface (CD release expected in 2016)

He is also the FOH audio mixer for bands touring all over the US and Europe, Including the band Goblin.

Please visit Geoff’s site to learn more about the man and his music: