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Thomas Jackson takes over as Sound Designer for STASH

TJ Picture

As a sound designer, Thomas Jackson combines his wealth of technical sound editing wisdom to assist in the suspended judgement concerning the uncertainty of a narrative.  Highly motivated, raised by wolves, T. Jackson fascination and appreciation of sound for film is just as strong today as it was when he first developed an interest in story telling. Each piece of work he encounters, whether personal or professional, is met with the same kick-ass appreciation, no matter how large or small the project may be.  With a B.F.A in Sound Design, nine years prior military services and two little hellions, there’s truly nothing that can keep T. Jackson from concurring the world.

Stash Director Terry R. Wickham says, “I feel relieved  that I finally found the right person to do the Sound Design job for Stash.  To be truthful, Thomas is the fourth person to take the reigns, but there is is big difference between what he’s doing and the people before him.  First of all, Thomas dove right into working on the movie with no hesitation and the positive attitude to tackle all the work needed to be done.  This is no small feat when you consider the original sound wasn’t recorded right and there was absolutely no sound recorded for half the shooting dates.

Thomas Jackson will be leading two new ADR sessions with Stash lead actors Jonathan Weirich on Saturday February 20 and Almog Pail on Saturday February 27.





I am positively elated to announce that Edwin M. Figueroa will be my Director of Photography for “Stash.”  First of all, Edwin has a wealth of experience behind the camera serving as a cinematographer for over 20 years.  Better than that is his skill for creating rich texture with deep contrasting lighting and composing cinematic framing.  He’s an artist, not to mention director and totally gets the economic limitations we are facing but won’t let that stop him from producing great work.  This is a huge victory for my vision of “Stash” being realized.  I’m super psyched to collaborate with Edwin.”

Look at Edwin’s reel as picture proof: