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Devil’s Five Director Bryon Weiss passes away




Saturday March 1st, 2014 my friend & one of my Devil’s Five directing partners, Bryon Weiss passed away.  Bryon is survived by his beautiful wife Laura and his children Landon, Lyndsi & Johnathon.   Bryon was a Hollywood stuntman, stunt coordinator, actor, director, writer and producer for almost 30 years.  The thing I loved so much about him was his down to earth personality combined with humility you wouldn’t expect from man that worked on huge Hollywood films like Valkyrie, The Amazing Spider Man, Live Hard Die Free, The Amazing Spider Man 2 and Transformers: Age of Extinction.  Bryon also worked countless years on television shows like Walker, Texas Ranger & Prison Break to name a few.  Bryon never bragged about his accomplishments but make no mistake, the man achieved much during his time here on earth.  Please check out his IMDB page to view his filmography.

Tina Surabian cast as “Mia” in “Stash”


Terry has cast Tina Surabian to play the supporting role of “Mia” for “Stash.”  Tina is originally from Massachusetts, where she started dancing at the age of 3.  Trained in ballet, tap, modern jazz and belly dancing, Tina now teaches belly dancing in East Hampton, NY.  Her love of acting came naturally , as dancing is a similar art form where one becomes somebody else as they perform a story.  Tina is a graduate of the John Robert Powers Finishing School.  She has taken acting classes with Steve Hamilton and Emma Walton of the Bay Street Theatre.  Trained privately with acting coach D. Candis Paule.  Studied with Anthony Mannino of NYC and is a graduate of the Weist-Barron School for Film and Television in New York City .  Tina has done a vast amount of extra work on films and in television, PSAs, and under fives.  Her other passions in life are Yoga & cooking.  Being of Armenian & French decent, this also came naturally. Tina is totally thrilled to be part of this project.  Terry says, “Tina made an impact the moment I saw her, which was a prerequisite for the character.  I wanted a woman with curves that could turn heads and she certainly does that.  Combine this with her unmatched enthusiasm to play the part, there was no way I could deny her the opportunity.”