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Sound Designer finishes “The Devil’s Five”

the devils five 4 620x413

A tiny little update. Los Angeles based Sound Designer Juan Pablo Moreu has finished his work for “The Devil’s Five” segment. This includes the full integration of music score, two songs, dialogue, sound effects and Foley. I think most people are going to really dig hearing it once they are able to see the film. Thank you Juan for doing such a excellent job.

Rex Carroll “Re-Animate” song licensed for The Devil’s Five


Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham has reached an agreement with Whitecross/King James/Fierce Heart Guitarist Rex Carroll to license his song “Re-Animate” for The Devil’s Five segment.

Wickham describes, “I first heard Rex Carroll’s incredible playing when I bought the Fierce Heart cassette back in the mid-80s.  I remember when I was stationed in the US Army in Kaiserslautern, West Germany, I had a barracks buddy who played guitar named  Nye Jones.  We would tape trade (like most heavy metals fans back in the day), so gave him a stack of cassettes to listen to for a week or two.  When saw him the next time I asked him which one did he like the best and he said Fierce Heart because the guitarist blew him away.  This is around the time I first started making movies as a filmmaker.  I couldn’t imagine at that time that one day I’d work with Rex.

I know a lot of people might know of Rex from his playing in Whitecross.  That’s cool, but besides Fierce Heart, I am a huge fan of of his playing in King James because that is a serious heavy rocking metal band.

When we started post-production on The Devil’s Five I decided that I wanted a guitar instrumental song to be coming from the white BMW that the main character “Ansell Schneider” (played by Ralf Scheepers) is driving.  I wanted this for multiple reasons.  One I thought it would be a bit of a tip of the hat to honor star Ralf Scheepers real life Heavy Metal heritage.  More important I thought that type of song would add to the organized chaos I was trying to create for the opening scene of the movie.


Being a lifelong fan of exceptional guitar playing, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with getting something from just an ordinary guitar player.
So I reached for the stars by contacting Rex and when he said he was interested, I was ecstatic.

I feel really blessed and honored that we could work out an agreement to use his killer song “Re-Animate.  I’m having Sound Designer Juan Pablo Moreu line up the song, so it strikes a hit-point at the climax of the scene.  I also think this will the beginning of a working relationship with Rex.”

Houssem Turki’s Music Score for The Devil’s Five is complete

Houssem Turki

I just finished watching The Devil’s Five – while Houssem Turki‘s music score played along to it. You couldn’t possibly wipe the big smile from my face. Houssem brilliantly underscores every moment in the film and captured a true hybrid musical feel that blends the horrific bleakness of The Exorcist and the action propulsion of The Terminator. He did this in a way that sounds like a true Hollywood level score that is uniquely his own. I couldn’t be happier with what the talented composer delivered for The Devil’s Five.