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Jason Paluck to Edit Abandoned

Jason Paluck

The Devil’s Five Visual Effects Artist Jason Paluck (A.K.A. editingninja) will be the Editor of Terry R. Wickham’s upcoming film Abandoned.  Terry says, “Jason did such a marvelous job creating all the visual elements and Editing the Teaser Trailer for The Devil’s Five (which you can view on this website or YouTube) and I love working with him.  We teamed up for the infomercial for Super Punch and Kick Target.  He’s got such a positive attitude that gels with the way I work.  What many people don’t know is that Jason also supplied most of the prop guns used for the production of The Devil’s Five, so he’s a man of many talents.

The truth is Jason was indirectly the catalyst for the story for what would become Abandoned.  He invited me to go see a location, which he was photographing a model at.  While making the trip the story just surfaced so naturally that I told him what was coming to me and explained him that I needed to make another film when one of the original directors left the project.  I told him I wanted to do something that was really short and could be shot quickly, for as little money as possible.  I asked if he wanted to join forces to make the film and he did.


Because this film is our creative partnership, I passed the script by him and even incorporated his feedback on little changes within the screenplay.  We’ve also talked about what we plan to do with color correction to make the movie stronger and give it a more contrast versus the other films I’ve made for Devil’s Five.

Jason is not only going to be responsible how Abandoned comes to together in post, but he’s the one who had a the cool idea for what the video vixen model “Billie Winters” should wear in the important middle sequence of Abandoned and even suggested ideas for the costuming threatening presence that comes into the film.  Also he created the Teaser Poster for Abandoned (above) as well so he’s just the real deal.”

Siakie Tetteh wins the role of “Billie Winters” in Abandoned


Film Director Terry R. Wickham is delighted to report he has cast Siakie Tetteh to play the critical lead role of “Billie Winters” in his upcoming film Abandoned.    Terry says, “It was really important to cast a special actress who could bring something totally unique to the table for this role.  Siakie’s look and background will help differentiate Abandoned from the other films in Devil’s Five.  She’s absolutely beautiful, with a magnetic smile and can undoubtedly excel as the sexy video vixen model in the movie.  But what I liked most about Siakie was her warm personality and can do attitude.   I also like the African accent of her voice, which continues an approach I’ve consciously made in all three of my Devil’s Five segments, which is to cast people with all sorts of national & ethnic backgrounds.  I feel this is the world we live in,  especially in multi-cultural New York City area. The bottom line was I wanted to be a bit bold and not go in a traditional direction, Siake clearly offered that opportunity.”

Siakie modeling

Siakie Tetteh envisioned her artistry career ever since she was an adolescent. Born and raised in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, she honed in on her natural creative talents and instilled a strong work ethic to further develop her skills. She reached several successful milestones in her young career: Obtained her Masters of Urban Design – Architecture from The City College of New York, has built a broad portfolio of modeling projects, female lead role in an independent film currently in post-production, and has made Theatre appearances.


Expanding her brand and exposure as a Beauty Model, she won the Connecticut’ s Cycle 16 casting for America’s Next Top Model in the Summer of 2010. Later, she appeared in NY fashion shows including Faces 11, Kimimi Swimwear, Naso Splash of Africa, and the Face and Summit Awards in New York, an immense support by the United Nations to support the cause. She became a Top 5 Finalist in the Miss GhanaUSA 2015 pageant held at the Alvin Ailey in New York City. She made her first appearance in Los Angeles as a Red Carpet Host for the Nollywood and Films Critics 5th Annual Awards (NAFCA) where she interviewed celebrities including Omarosa Manigault of The Trump’s famous “The Apprentice” and Ms. Tonya Banks of “Little Women LA”.


She and her Cameroonian friend, Essy Wab, own a YouTube channel called Styles by SiakiEssy with the objective to push towards fashion forwardness and fun entertainment. She currently hosts for Tam Tam, a TV show shooting in New York City. Siakie interviews professional athletes, artists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and advocates from African countries, with an overall goal to inspire all of its viewers to come together as one with the focus on pushing forward towards a better future.

Please visit Siakie’s website:

Model / Actress
Host / Youtuber
Master’s Degree of Urban Design Arch.
Miss GhanaUSA 2015 – Top 5 Finalist
Youtube: Styles by SiakiEssy

Aaron Mathias cast to play “Steve Timmons” in Abandoned

Aaron Mathias

Filmmaker Terry Wickham is excited to announce that he has cast actor Aaron Mathias to play the photographer “Steve Timmons” in his upcoming film Abandoned.  The story concerns a photographer and a video vixen-like model doing a photo shoot at an abandoned, supposedly haunted location, which will be part of the feature film Devil’s Five.  Terry says, “While writing the script for Abandoned, it hit me that I should reach out to Aaron to play the lead male role.  A year and a half ago we were preparing to make Stash, but unfortunately his schedule prevented him from being in that movie.  Since this is going to be such a short shoot, I thought this might present the perfect opportunity to work together and I could easily visualize in in the role.”

Aaron Mathias, an exciting and versatile actor, has appeared as the lead in many films and series. He has been nominated for two best acting awards for his work in the award winning feature film, “Things I Don’t Understand,” which just became available on video on demand (http:// He was also lead in the award winning films “Casual Encounters,” and “Ice Grill USA,” and the Bollywood/American production “Anything For You.” He was the lead and series regular in the ABC/Stage 9 sci-fi series “Trenches,” and has appeared on “Law and Order, Criminal Intent” and NBC’s hospital drama “Mercy.” He finished filming the new original series “Pride,” and is slated to begin filming the feature film “Sunday at the Kehr’s” which he is also producing in April of 2014 and “Wake UP New York” from award winning director David Spaltro in the late summer of 2014. He just completed filming on the feature film “Nothing About Chloe,” on Nov. 1. He loves dark chocolate and mangoes. His feature film that he is the lead in called “Paranormal Asylum,” opened nation wide on Sept 17. Via, Netflix, Redbox, Bestbuy and Walmart.

Please visit Aaron’s IMDB page to learn more: