Terry directs SaRenna Lee in the segment “Stalk” from the feature film Evil Streets. Camera Operator Joe Biondi sits on the crane before executing the shot at Goldfingers in Rego Park, New York.

Terry is the president of Manta Ray Pictures, a company that represents all his work. He grew up in Everett & Snohomish, Washington. Terry’s been watching scary movies since he was four years old.  The local late night horror show “Chiller Theater” was the source that enabled Terry to see all the old Universal classic monster movies, as well as the Japanese monster movies like Godzilla.  In 1978, Halloween changed Terry’s life, “I couldn’t get the imagery from that movie out of my head and I wanted to be able to do to an audience what John Carpenter did to me.”

Terry started out in filmmaking by taking a TV production course at Snohomish High School.  While in this class, Terry’s teacher was so impressed with his passion for films that he asked Terry to teach the class about John Carpenter’s The Thing.

“Kiss of Death” cast & crew front to back/left to right: James Daniels w/slate, Helen Pappas, Madison Di Loren, Eric Schumaker, Terry R. Wickham, DP/Editor William Gross on Exchange Street outside Bayou Theater on Fort Polk, Louisiana

Terry joined the Army for the College Fund to use to go to film school.  While stationed in West Germany and Louisiana, Terry directed 25 amateur music videos, which included a wide selection of songs from such artists as Pantera and George Winston.  These videos progressed into professional music videos for artists like Michael Knight and Voodoo Storm.

Directing Perishing Hearts, Terry watches as "Pamela" (Stephanie Pyatt) thinks about jumping off the Blackburn Bridge in Blackburn, Oklahoma
Directing Perishing Hearts, Terry watches as “Pamela” (Stephanie Pyatt) thinks about jumping off the Blackburn Bridge in Blackburn, Oklahoma

In 1987, Terry attempted to make a feature film called Perishing Hearts.  After a couple shooting days, the small filmmaking team worked 30-hours straight to capture the immense page count of script, which caused the DP to pass out from exhaustion and one of the young actresses to have a nervous breakdown.  This made Terry realize, at that time he & his team & cast were too inexperienced, the script too long (almost 200 pages) and there was no way the film would get finished in time.  So after an internal war, Terry reluctantly abandoned the film and decided to shoot a music video instead.  Terry felt this was important so everyone could walk away with something positive.

Exquisite Delusion - After the failure to finishing Perishing Hearts, Terry, Stephanie & Kevin walked away with a video to be proud of
Exquisite Delusion – After realizing his team wasn’t going to be able to pull off shooting  Perishing Hearts in 14 days, Terry, Stephanie & Kevin walked away with a video to be proud of

After finishing his military obligation, Terry studied directing with the American Film Institute, film technique & technology at New York University and acting at HB Studios in New York City .

Terry directs the chase from out of the woods on the sand of the Sabine River. Left to right; Martha, Eric, Dale Webb and James Daniels listen.
One Shot, One Kill Terry directs a chase from out of the woods down onto the sand of the Sabine River (which divides the States of Texas & Louisiana). Left to right; Martha, Eric Schumacher, Dale Webb and James Daniels listen.

The short films Terry has made are; Timber Quest (1986),  One Shot, One Kill (1988), Madame Red (1990), Double Fantasy (1994), Sarah (2000), Washington Road (2001), Help Me (2002) and Hair of the Dog (2003).

John Baldi & Sean McGinn wait while Terry goes over his shot list to make sure they have everything in Massapequa, NY.
John Baldi & Sean McGinn wait while Terry goes over his shot list for Washington Road to make sure they have everything in Massapequa, NY.

Washington Road won the international 3 Minute Chillers Contest @, which was sponsored by Apple.

Out of Touch Showdown
The intense Climax of Out of Touch was filmed in Kings Park, NY

When Terry was 24 years old, he wrote & directed the 132-minute feature film drama called Out of Touch (1995), which took 45 shooting days spread out over a year.  This was a pretty remarkable feat not only because he was able to keep the cast & crew engaged for that long period of time, but the script ran 160 pages long.  It’s no easy job to capture something with that total page count.  The filmmaker cast all of his actors from fellow students at HB Studios, where he was studying acting.  The film was shot in all over Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey.

"Johnny Garrett" (Steve Rodriguez) senses he's not alone in the segment "The Downfall of Johnny Garrett" in the feature film Evil Streets Terry Directed for Writer/Producer Michael Knight.
“Johnny Garrett” (Steve Rodriguez) senses he’s not alone in the segment “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett” part of the feature film Evil Streets Terry Directed for Writer/Producer Michael Knight.

Michael Knight, whom Terry had directed the music video “The Phoenix” for approached Terry about joining forces on an anthology feature film he wanted to make called Evil Streets.  Knight asked Wickham to direct a film based on his story “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett” and if he could come up with a story himself.   Wickham had been preparing to do Perishing Hearts with busty beauty SaRenna Lee, so he contacted the Florida based model if she be willing to make her acting debut in a short film idea he had about an obsessed fan stalking her.  If she said no, he wouldn’t even write it. When the blonde bombshell agreed, Terry wrote “Stalk” and not too much later they made the film together.

"Misty" (SaRenna Lee) struggles to get the guy from "Misty's Bodyguard" (Marty Krencik)
In the the climax of “Stalk” from the feature film Evil Streets, “Misty” (SaRenna Lee) struggles to get the gun from “Misty’s Bodyguard” (Marty Krencik)

In 2004, Terry was selected to direct A.V. Lewis-Smith’s six million dollar suspense thriller screenplay Waterfalls, which never came to fruition because the producer couldn’t raise the funds needed to make the movie.  This is a real shame as Terry worked on preparing for the movie for over a year and had every single shot figured out.   Terry elaborates on his vision for the film, “I was going to make it a supernatural crime thriller.  Kind of a combo of the suspense of a white-knuckle ghost-story mixed with the impactful action of Michael Mann’s Heat.”  But it wasn’t a complete waste as Terry got an education in dealing with all the main department heads of a movie this scale and Hollywood Agencies like Director’s Guild of America and SAG.  This ultimately will serve the filmmaker well in the long run.  The best thing that came out of this was strong friendships with Stunt Coordinator Bryon Weiss and Special Effects expert Wayne Beauchamp.

Director Terry Wickham watches "Martha" do her thing over the cadaver (Tim Clark) in Dr. Fernicola's office in Ocean, NJ 03/03
Director Terry R. Wickham watches “Martha” do her thing over the cadaver (Tim Clark) in Dr. Fernicola’s office in Ocean, NJ 03/03

In July of 2008, Hair of Dog received World Wide distribution from the new Hollywood based Distribution Company, an innovative company releasing movies directly to the Net.

In late 2008 Terry’s daughter was born and he made the conscious choice to not direct anything for the first five years of her life, because he felt that time was crucial to build a bond with her.  During that time Wickham still worked a few things just to keep the juices flowing.  In July of 2010, Terry made a video to honor the memory of his departed friend from high school Kris Skorupa.

Then In February 2013 Terry made a moving music video to “Artificial Paradises” by Hammock, which captured a tiny part of the massive destruction that Hurricane Sandy delivered near his home on Long Island.  Then he made a music video to “Speed Demon” by Keel, to celebrate the  2013 NHRA Drag Racing season.

Terry directs young Jesse Ray Sheps, Richard Kern and Almog Pail in "Stash"
Terry directs young Jesse Ray Sheps, Richard Kern and Almog Pail in “Stash” in Melville, NY July 26, 2014

In 2014 Terry teamed up with George Brianka and Edwin M. Figueroa to make an anthology film called Devil’s Five.  Each director contributing their own segments.  Terry directed “Stash” based on Hair of the Dog Writer Tim Clark’s screenplay in July 2014, which was the first of three films Terry would make for the feature film.

Terry at Calverton
Terry directs placement of one of the SUV police vehicles for the opening scene of The Devil’s Five (aka The Wraparound) segment. Calverton, NY 9/19/15

In September 2015, Terry also wrote and directed the all-important story device segment “The Devil’s Five (aka the wraparound)” featuring the beginning, in-between each movie segments and climax.  This was originally called “The Wraparound” but has since been changed to simply “The Devil’s Five“, which stars rock star Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), International beauty Diana Noris, Kevin Cusick (7-time Emmy Award winning Producer for ESPN), Sarah Haruko and Lee Baptiste. Terry’s friend Bryon Weiss was supposed to direct it, but unfortunately Bryon passed away in March 2014, after a long bout with cancer.

Terry discusses an emotional moment in the XXistence Teaser Trailer with actress Diana Noris.

Also in 2015, Terry directed the Teaser Trailer for the psychological thriller Mini-Series XXistence in April and directed the 3-minute infomercial Super Punch and Kick Target for in June.

Veronica Freeman and Terry on the set of "Again" Music Video Staten Island, NY August 1, 2015
Veronica Freeman and Terry on the set of “Again” Music Video in Staten Island, NY on August 1, 2015

In August 2015, Terry also finally got the chance to work with his friend Veronica Freeman when he directed the music video “Again“, which is off her solo album V – Now or Never.

_DSC9037 (800x534)
Terry on the set of Abandoned, 4/23/16

In the April and July of 2016 Terry directed “Abandoned“, which he also wrote the script to be part of Devil’s Five.  For this highly atmospheric suspense film Terry teamed up with DP Adrian Popescu, Editor/Production Coordinator Jason Paluck, Stash/The Devil’s Five/XXistence Teaser Trailer veteran Michelle Rickert and Hair of the Dog Composer David Helpling.



Terry started in January 2017 by Directing  the Trailer for drama Whatever It Takes.

Director Terry R. Wickham with his two leads from Gruesome Threesome – Chanise Renae & John Logan

Then in February 2017 Wickham Produced & Directed his latest horror film called Gruesome Threesome, which reunited Terry with Hair of the Dog/Stash Writer Tim Clark. This film incorporates “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett“, “Stalk“, “Hair of the Dog” and a brand new webcam wraparound Writer Tim Clark created.

Currently Terry & his partners are planning to enter film festivals and are actively seeking distribution for Devil’s Five.  At the same time, Terry has finally begun post-production on Gruesome Threesome with Editor/ Sound designer Bryan Lopes.

In 2018 Double Vision will be the next film Terry makes.  Wickham wrote the script (his first since Abandoned) and will be directing the first of three interconnected segments that all are part of the same feature film in June of 2018.  The first part to be filmed is a love story suspense-thriller.  European blonde bombshell Model Dolly Fox will be starring as “Julie Goodwin” and “Stash” actor Jonathan Weirich will be playing her re-united boyfriend “Wes McCulloch.”

Wickham says, “After making three movies themed around the devil, I felt like doing something a little bit sexier and make a softer theme love story set against a horror backdrop. The first part of three that will be glued together as one feature film, is definitely influenced by a combination of the character depth of Michael Mann’s Heat and the twisted shenanigans of a Wes Craven film. After we develop our characters, which is crucial to not only the story but to me personally, I steer the story to edge of your seat entertainment that is filled to the brim with suspense.”

There will be two more storylines that will be part of Double Vision Wickham will direct later in the year.  Terry is currently working on devising these exciting pieces with two of his writing associates.  Wickham says, “All I can say at this point is they involve some super  interesting people and the storylines we are creating are both challenging cinematically, story structure wise and will be thrilling for the audience to experience.”

Terry is also set to direct, Enhanced Interrogation for Producer/Writers Stephen Martino & Daryl Brooks once financing is secured.  Enhanced Interrogation is a political thriller which Terry  describes as a cross between Homeland and 12 Angry Men.  Terry is very excited to flex his directorial muscle into a new genre and work on a story that is potently real and topical in today’s world.

Terry has written a screenplay that he feels could make a major mark within the suspense/horror genre called Anomaly.  Terry aims to make this as soon as he is able to as it’s his dream film.

The name Terry means leader.  The oldest of nine children, Terry combines enthusiasm with an unbelievable work ethic.  Inspired by his favorite three filmmakers Terry says, “I like to use the widescreen film frame like John Carpenter, engineer action in the style of James Cameron and capture cinematic details and performances like Michael Mann gets.”

Terry with RED on set of TDF

As a journalist Terry started out with his own magazine in high school called Carnage. Since then he has written for, was the Senior Writer for Guitar 2001 Magazine and has contributed to Shock Wave Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine and Metal Edge Magazine. Since 2002, Terry has written mostly for his own website since it gives him ultimate flexibility.