Writer/Producer/Director Terry R. Wickham is proud to announce he has licensed Marco Sfogli “Nothing is Lost” instrumental from JamTrackCentral for his upcoming love story-suspense thriller Double Vision.  This romantic guitar piece is from the awesome JTC Guitar Hero Ballads album.

Wickham says, “Marco Sfogli is one of my favorite guitarists in the world.  He has been since I first heard him on the 2005 James LaBrie Elements of Persuasion album.  He plays with such deep emotion and expressiveness, when you combine it with his tremendous technique it makes for jaw-dropping guitar playing.

Since I love good guitar playing so much, I’m always looking for ways to include it in my work as a filmmaker. I kind of figure there is not a lot of other directors doing it, so the responsibility falls on me. When I heard this beautiful romantic track on YouTube, I knew right away that it fit the mood I am looking for in Double Vision.

Double Vision is a mature, tender love story that becomes a terrifying excursion in suspense.  I have a very clear vision of what I want the film to be and that includes the type of songs to be used in the movie.  The main couple (“Julie Goodwin ” and “Wes McCulloch”) use to date 10 years prior to this film taking place.  During that time “Wes” made a Love Mix CD of melodic hard rock ballads (something I did in real life for my wife when we were dating) and is playing it again in his muscle car stereo, now that they are reconnecting.  The songs have to support what I wrote and will definitely help lift the story.

The songs I’m choosing to use are not necessarily from a specific time-period, but rather the passionate romantic feel that is reflected in both the instrumentation and lyrics (if any).

Marco’s playing is so heartfelt in this tune that he conveys the tug of war of being apart and together at the same time, which totally mirrors what will be happening in Double Vision.  The guitar playing on JTC Guitar Hero Ballads is loaded with romantic guitar firepower.  Click here to purchase your copy.

I’m such a major fan of exceptional guitar playing, this is a real honor for me to get use of Marco’s song.  Hopefully the finished film/TV show segment will be something Marco & JamTrackCentral will be pleased being a part of as well.

I can’t thank the good folks enough at JamTrackCentral for authorizing use of this song and together doing what we can to continue to support great guitar playing.”